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The Almost Song: FINGERTIP by GFRIEND Review

This series is dedicated to certain songs where even though it may be a good song, there are some elements that just ruin it for me. The “almost” song is like a song that was so close to being liked but wasn’t due to a number of reasons. A song that gets an occasional listen, but often times gets discarded and forgotten about.

I have no idea how to think about my feelings for this song. It’s like I really like it but really dislike it all at once and my brain feels rattled due to that fact because I’ve never really felt so conflicted over a song before. For us Buddies (their fandom name), Fingertip was either loved or hated (mostly due to a concept change compared to their previous comeback) and I felt like I was in a tug-of-war trying to figure out what side I wanted to be on, but that never ended up happening. Personally, I felt like there was so much potential to this song that wasn’t executed to its full potential and that physically pains me. I feel like 9MUSES “WHO R U” is what I wished Fingertip was but alas here we are.

Starting off with the intro, it’s really good. It’s funky with its guitar and it shows off some disco-esque elements which mixes in with some 80’s synth pop. Afterwards, we’re then thrusted into Verse 1 with addictive and bright vocals from Yuju and SinBi. Verse 1 is a real treat honestly, I still can’t get enough of it. And Eunha, Sowon and Yerin in the pre-chorus makes it even better and it adds some more speciality to this song. The chorus is okay but very bland and unexciting. I was disappointed because it felt like nothing really changed since it’s basically like the intro but with lyrics to it. A couple of songs I like are like this (here’s an example) but at least they are slightly altered so the two are somewhat distinct from each other. But in Fingertip, it seems like nothing really changed and that really bothered me. Another thing was the end of the chorus with the “finger fingertip” lyric. This is a part of the song I dislike the most. Yeah, it sounds super catchy and all but it feels super stiff and doesn’t feel like there’s any room for it to ruminate into something more. It’s just…. there.

The post-chorus afterward sounds so much better and I wish they just eliminated the last part of the chorus altogether because I feel like it brings the song to a standstill. Same thing goes for the bridge, nothing really changes and it made my liking for this song decrease even more. I really wish there was a tune change. Or maybe some more funky guitar? And then suddenly, what I was wishing for finally happened. A change from the breakdown afterwards! Why couldn’t this come earlier? Why couldn’t the bridge be sung over this? And Yuju’s vocals right after make this song a golden highlight for me. That was great! Why couldn’t it rely more in that direction?

In conclusion, this song is pretty okay I guess. However, it’s one of the those songs that I have to have a specific craving for to listen to, which occasionally comes out of the blue and for this specific song, it rarely happens at all.

I’d give this song a…..


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