Hi, I’m just a blogger who likes to review certain songs and share my take on them. I’ve been writing song reviews for the longest time, so the fact that I actually get to publish them out to the world this time is a super cool experience. A little bit about me as a blogger is that I’m extremely biased towards girl groups (but I like boy groups too :]) and kpop makes up about 90-95% of my main playlist. The other parts are krnb, kindie, rnb, indie, pop and maybe the occasional pop rock song?

Just to let you know, I don’t really post on a timely schedule but because I’m a busy college student, I’ll try to post at least once a month. And if you didn’t read the “About” section, I post asynchronously so I won’t post about a comeback the same day or around the time it came out, unless I really feel prompted to.

Top 3 Favorite Girl Groups: (I really tried to make these photos match with the color scheme of this site but I’ve spent almost 2 hours trying to do so and I’ll just leave it as is…)

1. Red Velvet (Top 3 Favorite Title Tracks: Russian Roulette, Bad Boy and Peek-A-Boo)
2. Twice (Top 3 Favorite Title Tracks: Fancy, Feel Special and More & More)
3. Loona (Top 3 Favorite Tracks: Singing in the Rain (Jinsoul), Love Cherry Motion (Choerry) and Colors)

Top 3 Favorite Boy Groups: (You have no idea how hard it was to narrow down my favorite boy groups down to the top three. It was a very stressful experience.)

1. BTS (Top 3 Favorite Title Tracks: DNA, Fake Love and Blood, Sweat and Tears)
2. OnlyOneOf (Top 3 Favorite Tracks: heartbreak terminal, heartbreak theatre and blOssOm) This was the hardest one to narrow down to 3. I can’t JUST choose 3!
3. Shinee (Top 3 Favorite Title Tracks: Good Evening, View and Everybody)

Top 10 Title Tracks (in no particular order) of the Year So Far:

  • Drunk Dazed by Enhypen
  • Bad Idea by ASTRO’s Sanha and Moonbin
  • Love Drug by Leebada
  • Insomnia by Yukika
  • Son of Beast by TO1
  • WE GO by fromis_9
  • libidO by OnlyOneOf
  • Bad, Sad and Mad by BIBI

10 Non-kpop songs that I’ve been loving lately (in no particular order except ‘Kiss Me More’ being at #1):

  • Kiss Me More by Doja Cat ft. SZA (I am OBSESSED with this song. I love love love it!)
  • brutal by Olivia Rodrigo
  • Girlfriends by Boy’s World (such a great debut! And the fact that it’s produced by one of my favorite Western kpop producers makes it even better!)
  • Best Friend Remix by Saweetie ft. Doja Cat, Jamie & CHANMINA (This goes HARD and I love it. The original is good but the additional feature with Jamie and CHANMINA makes it even better!)
  • Selfish by Madison Beer (Madison Beer is a bit of an iffy person but I’ve been really invested in her music lately)
  • Sea Sick by binki
  • Sun Goes Down by Lil Nas X (Best Lil Nas X song so far! It’s very relaxing)
  • positions by Ariana Grande
  • Everytime by boy pablo
  • BOOKER T by Bad Bunny
  • claws by Charli XCX (Charli XCX has some great bangers and this is one of those bangers)

Thanks so much for stopping by the Realm!