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Hi, I’m just a blogger/ktube hybrid who likes to review certain songs and share my take on them. I’ve been writing song reviews for the longest time, so the fact that I actually get to publish them out to the world this time is a super cool experience. A little bit about me as a blogger is that I’m extremely biased towards girl groups (but I like boy groups too).

Just to let you know, I don’t really post on a timely schedule but because I’m a busy college student, I’ll try to post at least once a month. And if you didn’t read the “About” section, I post asynchronously so I won’t post about a comeback the same day or around the time it came out, unless I really feel prompted to.

Wanna know what I listen to? Here’s a video about it if you’re curious:

Top 3 Favorite Girl Groups:

1. aespa (Top 3 Favorite Tracks: Savage, Black Mamba and Ludic Dream)

2. STAYC (Top 3 Favorite Tracks: RUN2U, ASAP and WANT U BABY)

3. ITZY (Favorite Top 3 Tracks: Not Shy, MITM and LOCO)

Top 3 Favorite Boy Groups:

1. ENHYPEN (Favorite Top 3 Tracks: Tamed-Dashed, Upper Side Dreamin’ and Blessed-Cursed)

2. TXT (Favorite Top 3 Tracks: Dear Sputnik, Lonely Boy and Angel or Devil)

3. Golden Child (Favorite Top 3 Tracks: DDARA, H.E.R and Genie)

Top 10 Title Tracks (in no particular order) of the Year So Far:

  • INVU by Taeyeon
  • Love Dive by IVE
  • O.O by NMIXX
  • TOMBOY by (G)I-DLE
  • GingaMingaYo by Billlie
  • Love in Bloom by ILY:1
  • Glitch by Kwon Eunbi

10 non-kpop songs that I’ve been loving lately (in no particular order)

  • everytime by Ariana Grande
  • Knew Better/Forever Boy by Ariana Grande
  • Sparks by Hilary Duff
  • Naturally by Tinashe
  • Coconuts by Kim Petras
  • Torn by Ava Max
  • Catwalk by Rupaul
  • Give Them Just What They Want by Rupaul
  • Come Through by Priyanka
  • Sweet and Sour by Lemon

Thanks so much for stopping by the Realm!

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