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The Sporadic Zone: DOOM DOOM TA by TRI.BE Review

The Sporadic Zone is a corner where I basically review songs that prompt me to write about them ASAP because they made me think “I need to write about this now and share my thoughts!” Incidentally I was working on some other reviews when I saw this being talked about in my local circles and had to jump onto it immediately.

I’m assuming nowadays it’s now the trend for some of the most famous kpop producers to come out with a new group of their own. Probably my favorite producers of all time Black Eyed Pilseung debuted with their fresh new girl group STAYC back in November and now out of “nowhere” (probably because I’ve been off of social media for over a month and completely missed this announcement) Shinsadong Tiger, a producer with so many impeccable songs under his belt, now has a new girl group under his company TR Entertainment called TRI.BE (Try-bee). I’m slightly disappointed it’s not pronounced “tribe” but I guess it’s a unique name. And, one of the best parts of it all is that one of my favorite kpop female rappers produced this song alongside with him!

Speaking of which, can I have permission to be a “concerned older sister” for a moment? Because I was shocked when I saw how old these members are. More than half of these members are younger than I am (i.e I was born in 2002) and the youngest was born in 2006. Two thousand and six! I’m assuming a large majority of you probably remember the year 2006 (even though I was basically in pre-school then, I sure do remember). Isn’t that a bit too young? Personally, anyone born after 2002 or 2003 seems way too young to be an idol. Shouldn’t they experience parts of adolescence and puberty first? Isn’t it harmful for someone so young to be in an industry so demanding and intense? I honestly wish the best for these girls but my goodness if they debuted this young, they probably trained at a much younger age, which makes me even more concerned because training can be rigorous and intense.

Anyways, before I get into my thoughts about this song, I wanted to mention one member who captivated me the most throughout this debut. Kim Hyunbin. This girl has “k-pop idol” written all over her and you can see that through her confidence, voice, dance, energy, and by her looks as well (I’m not trying to say that the other girls weren’t meant to be idols, it’s just Hyunbin displays that energy to me the most). Plus, I really like this song and it’s entangled itself in my head so strongly that I don’t think I’ll forget it for a while because even though it’s nothing new, it’s very distinctive and addictive.

Now, let’s dissect this song further. This song is very funky, melodic and has an incredibly catchy beat to it. Once you listen to it, it’s not going to let go and it will sink into your mind and stay there, repeatedly looping over and over. And I find that as a good thing. And plus the catchy hook “TRI.BE be da loca” is way too hard to miss as I’ve been saying it in my head almost all day. One standout part of the song to me was the pre-chorus. The pre-chorus consisting of my fellow 2002-liner Kelly, baby-faced visual Jia and leader Song-sun is one of my most favorite parts of the song. Song-sun has the most “rounded out voice” and I’m assuming some of the other members will take suit, because even though they can sing and sound good, their voices seem underdeveloped. The chorus seems very well put together and has the right amount of energy and rhythm to keep me captivated and get my shoulders moving. This is definitely the best part of the song and I can’t get enough of it.

The bridge took a slight turn I didn’t really expect it to. Kelly and Jinha sound so much better here compared to earlier in the song and it’s really enjoyable to listen to. The only complaint I have about this bridge is that I’m really sick of hearing the lyrics containing phrases such as “wanna fly higher” and especially “touch the sky”. I’ve heard way too much of it and it makes me think of so many other alternatives than just simply “wanna fly higher” and “touch the sky”. What about “grazing against the sky”, “soaring through the wind” or “embrace the sky”. Just anything other than those two lines. Also, the “hey hey hey’s” are way too low energy. It needs to be Itzy level of energy and it can’t be half-baked in a song as rhythmic and energetic as Doom Doom Ta.

Anyways, I couldn’t be happier that I’m getting heaps of teenage spunk and sass through more girl groups in the current kpop scene. The lyrics are definitely cheesy at times and can be borderline cringey to listen to but the music and the choreography can be so unique and entertaining that I just think “Wow! These “youngins” are so talented and are apart of one of the biggest and influential music industries in the world! That’s insane!”

Anyways I’d give this song a…..


*Update: I’m giving it a solid 8.1… I feel like I jumped onto this song with rose-tinted glasses and now I’m like ehh.. it’s still good but not 8.8 worthy

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  1. I’m glad you like this song. Because I think people these days don’t really consider being respectful to other opinions. Some are condescending of other groups and their styles. TRI.BE while I wasn’t being fond of the song. The chorus is actually amazing, and needs to be repeated. Had it been repeated in other sections of the song I would have scored it a 7. But then again, I liked how they arranged the song. It’s just me.

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