Multi-Review Corner (Monthly Edition): Comebacks and Debuts of February 2021

Yes I am back hello :D! Finally I’m back at the place that gives me the most peace. It hasn’t been too long since I’ve posted but personally it feels like forever. I was working on another series to do but I figured that I would want to flesh out the series I have now a little more so the ones I had in mind will take a little break in the back burner. The past few weeks have been tough as I’ve been having to deal with kind but condescending group members in my group project, have stress eat me up alive and ruin my school schedule because my body was so burnt out and not be able to sleep at all because my brain refused to shut up and wind down. Anyways, I’m glad it’s all over, I even rewarded myself with some McDonalds (an occasional go-to-favorite, especially during the last few weeks of the semester) and Indonesian ramen (so good, everyone has to try it)! Right now, I’m slowly trying to prep for finals so hopefully I don’t end up mentally dying of stress!

But you don’t wanna hear me ramble about my personal problems forever so lets get right into it!

February was a pretty interesting month and it definitely felt a lot less dry than January. Chungha, the goddess of my life, finally released her anticipated full album which was definitely worth the wait! Now we just have to wait for Sunmi to release one and my life will be complete. These reviews won’t be in chronological order (because I like chaos) and they won’t be too long just short and sweet reviews about the releases of February.

So let’s go! (Also, this is going to be pretty long so I hope you’re able to handle all of the reviews I vomited out)

Song 1 (Comeback, The First Technically Speaking?): Forever by aespa

This song is so beautiful and feels like a warm hug amidst the harshness of the winter season. All of their vocals blew me away, especially Giselle. Giselle’s voice here sounds a lot less nasally than it did in Black Mamba, where the nasally-ness was bumped up way too much. Once this came out, it has been a very popular opinion amongst local circles that SM should’ve released this during the Christmas season but the fact that Red Velvet released a Halloween-esque song 30 days after the actual holiday, it’s not all that surprising on SM’s part.

This song gets a…


Song 2 (Debut): Wings by PIXY

Yikes, this debut had so much potential but yet it seems so wasted. The music video and the concept aren’t the most original but they definitely sparked an interest for me. Unfortunatley, with an enchanting music video and a mystical concept, the song falls flat on its face. First off, the whispering at the beginning sounds super messy and unorganized. It feels like it’s there just to be there and thinking about how it should be structurized wasn’t something they thought about, and that could’ve been done in a more cohesive way. The song could’ve been so much better if it weren’t for that ear-grating, all over the place chorus. Usually songs with a chorus I don’t like sometimes get a pass if the other parts seem a lot stronger, but here the parts are good just not strong enough for me to want to listen to again.

This song gets a….


Song 3 (Comeback): Beautiful Beautiful by ONF

It’s a bit of a surprise to me that I haven’t started to “stan” this group yet since they’ve released so many great songs like We Must Love and Sukhumvit Swimming. From what I’ve seen in local circles, this is definitely a song that’s needed and highly appreciated in the current kpop scene. Retro songs are my kryptonite and this one definitely captured my ears and my mind. The refrain sounds like it could be the intro to a quirky adventure TV series and a futuristic one at that since that’s the concept their going for in the MV.

*Sigh* oh ONF, please be the trendsetters for boy groups so we don’t have to be subjected to dark “edgy” concepts, boring black suits and unimaginative sounds anymore.

This song gets a…


Song 4 (Comeback, the First One Actually): All or Nothing by WEi

Ugh, No! WEi you were doing so well with Twilight what happened? Jang Dae Hyun what did you do?! All or Nothing is so uninspired, like a copy-paste of all other edgy boy group songs, just another song I’ll be avoiding. The only thing I like is the choreography and the flower car in the MV.

Gosh, what a disappointment. At least Cravity’s My Turn was more entertaining to listen to. What a shame…

I’d give this song a…


Song 5 (Comeback): Bicycle by Chungha

As I mentioned before, Chungha is a goddess who rules over my life and makes some songs that I wouldn’t listen to at all if it weren’t made by her. I even listened to her mediocre debut and stayed because of her. The same goes for this song. The song is pretty okay, I like it I guess but I can’t pinpoint where I’d rank it. No doubt it’s a lot weaker than all of her 2020 releases that led up to this album. I intentionally go listen to this song a lot less often than I do for her other songs but yet, I could listen to it 10 times over and not get sick of it.

Gosh, I don’t know… I’d give this song a…..

7.9/10 I guess? All I can think about is that human bicycle she rode on in the choreography

Song 6 (Debut): Excalibur by Kingdom

This debut was a lot better than PIXY’s but still pretty meh. It’s alright, I added it to my playlist and I don’t think I would ever seek out this song, it would just have to swim it’s way through shuffle play. Their concept is very cool but their name is pretty unoriginal. Yes, the name suits the concept but it seems too obvious, like from their name alone I could assume what their concept was before watching the MV. The only things I truly liked was the expensive production of music video and being bewitched by Ivan and Jahan’s visuals.

Wow, what is up with February and it’s mediocre debuts?

This song gets a….


Song 7 (Comeback): TAIL by Sunmi

ALL HAIL SEXY QUEEN SUNMI. That is all. (Plus the music video and her outfits are incredible!)

I’d give the song a…..


Song 8 (Comeback): Cinema by CIX

This song is better than their debut, and with the path they were going on beforehand, especially because Jungle was the worst song they’ve released to date, this was a really nice surprise! Good going CIX!

This song gets a….


Song 9: ZERO: ATTITUDE by Soyou x IZ*ONE

This is the best commercial song to date. As soon as I listened it, I knew that it would be replacing Gleam by Mamamoo in a heartbeat. The hook is very catchy! I would be up at 2AM working on homework and the lyrics “I got new attitude, I got new A-T-T-I-T-U-DE” would be stuck in my head out of nowhere, which makes me like it even more! However, why did Ph-1 have to be invited? His rap didn’t do anything for the song but add extra run time. He’s had much more fulfilling features.

This Pepsi song get’s a….


Song 10 (Comeback): PARANOIA by Kang Daniel

Finally a Kang Daniel song that I like! I haven’t liked a song from him since his debut 2 years ago and that’s not a great sign, up until now! Thank you for not letting my hope in you dissipate!

I’d give this song a….


Some Extras:

Don’t Call Me by Shinee: Why didn’t anyone tell me how great Shinee was until now!? I also finally know the other members names besides from Jonghyun and Taemin. Their discography is unbelievably good! If you haven’t listened to their discography yet, go listen to it now! This song however, is pretty okay, it has SM’s signature boy group sound smeared all over it which is the only thing I like about it. Rating: 7.7/10

Eat My Love by BIBI: I love it! BIBI has been on a strong streak of not releasing any bad songs and I’m happily consuming them all. Rating: 8.8/10

Lose by WONHO: At first I used to judge Wonho for showing his exceptionally muscular body all the time, but now I say “Good for him, he’s living his best life, way to go!”. The song is pretty good and shockingly enough this is the only song I’ve liked from him so far. Rating: 8.5/10

Breathe by Golden Child: I love love love volleyball! I love playing volleyball and I love watching volleyball, so the fact that they did this as their MV concept makes my little stressed out heart very happy. Breathe is very bright and cheery, with a chorus that shines the brightest out of all its parts. Golden Child has really good title tracks but where they shine most is in their bsides. Rating: 8.8/10 (Oh gosh, I feel like I’ve used “8.8” as a rating a bit too much so I’ll put 8.87/10 just to shake things up.)

Thanks so much for reading! This is the longest post I’ve made so far, so I hope I didn’t tire you to death. If I seemed zany or slightly different than usual, I blame the harsh rath of college.

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  1. Wow, some of scores are quite surprising!

    Most of all, I am just happy I am not the only person who likes aespa’s Forever.

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