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The Almost Songs (Multi-Review Edition): Liar Liar by Oh My Girl and Mr. Chu by Apink

You know recently, I’ve been really wondering what I should write on (excluding recent releases which are usually put into one mega post. I usually miss a few but I don’t want to overstuff the article.) Nothing has really caught my eye (except for Itzy’s new comeback on the 30th which I’m super psyched for) so I don’t want to do a Sporadic Zone article until then. Multi-Reviews are becoming a bit of a monthly thing so I’ll wait until the 30th. I just did a ‘The Mixed Bag‘ article and the future series that I want to work on are off limits because I want to build upon my current ones first. So because the ‘Almost Song‘ series only has one post I thought hey why not do an Almost Song article with a “”twist””? So here we are, reviewing 2 ‘Almost Songs’ while I suffer from the symptoms of a second vaccine dose! Let’s hope I don’t make too many grammatical mistakes as I feel like I just got off a 6-hour long spinning cup ride (yeah, I feel that dizzy, but I really want to write so nothing is really stopping me).

Also hear is a little headphone review that’s optional to read that I just wanted to share quickly: Over the weekend, I was wondering which new pair of headphones to get since my 3 year old wireless Beats Solo 3’s were still working but I have to tape certain parts together so it doesn’t completely fall apart. I thought that my beats were good but yet I decided that instead of getting another pair, I’d venture out and get the Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II (wow that’s a long title). And wow! These are incredible! I can barely hear what I’m typing or the dryer running in the background which really shows how effective their noise cancelling is. In the past, I’ve tried noise cancelling headphones but they didn’t really live up to their name, so I just assumed that all noise cancelling headphones were like that. OH HOW WRONG I WAS! Gosh I can’t gush over these enough! These headphones were a bit more expensive than my old beats but wow! The money was worth it! I love getting to hear every detail in songs that I wasn’t able to before! AH I love these! Ah! Okay let me get back to the meat of this review.

Song 1: Liar Liar by Oh My Girl (2016)

This music video has a really high replay value! It’s really well done!

Lyrics and Messaging:

This song is super cute! I love the music video, the choreography is super engaging and looks really fun, the color coordinated outfits and the shoes they wore in their promotions were incredible and I thought they were actually wearing roller skates! I love cute concepts such as these especially with lyrics that describe the male love interest as someone who they don’t have time for if they beat around the bush or who they despise for whatever reason. Just like in Twice’s Like Ooh-Ahh. From what I interpreted from these lyrics, it seems like Twice want someone who cuts the rubbish and impresses them on the first impression. If they don’t literally make their jaws drop, then don’t even bother! I especially love these lyrics “Bla la la la 말만하지 말고 (Bla la la stop talking, start doing)”. It just makes my point even more evident.

For Liar Liar, it seems like the male lead isn’t giving any clear signs that he likes our female protagonists. From seeing the lyrics, it seems like he may be lying about being interested in them? I interpreted that from these lyrics “다다다 다가와줘 (Come, come, come to me, liar)”. They still want him but they aren’t sure that he likes them back since it just all may be a fad. That’s just my interpretation though. Additionally, in the MV, all eight girls seem to like this one guy which made me think that I would absolutely watch a drama based on that plotline. Eight girls. One guy who doesn’t seem to be all that interested in the eight of them, or is he? What if he is just interested in only one of them? Or what if he is a polygamist and ends up dating all 8 of them? Who knows? Maybe I’ll make a future article making a fake OST soundtrack list for this pretend drama. Now that I think about it, maybe I will do just that!

The Song and My Opinion:

This song feels like it’s just coated in tons of white sugar. It’s just so saccharine sweet that it just makes my brain tired. The high pitched vocals and the merry-go-round esque instrumental are just so unnecessarily drenched in syrup when it didn’t need to be. If either the vocals and/or instrumental were slightly toned down a bit, the sweet energy this song emits could be tolerated. The pre-chorus is definitely the highlight of this song and the chorus sticks into your brain like a melted lollipop. “Liar Liar Liar!” are very effective hooks and Seunghee, Hyojeong, Jiho and Arin definitely stole the show for me. Knock Knock is definitely the best song on this EP and Step by Step is a cute song that could be similar to that of a Disney Princess OST.

It’s a shame that JinE left the group (especially considering the condition she was in during her time in Oh My Girl) and that her last comeback she was in was Windy Day before going on hiatus and eventually leaving. She has a nice voice and it makes me think of how it could have sounded in Oh My Girl’s recent releases.

I’ll end up giving this song a….


Song 2: Mr. Chu by Apink (2014)

Tennis themed music videos are probably in my top ten of my most favorite music video themes. Also Naeun here kind of looks like Itzy’s Ryujin. Is that just me thinking that?

Lyrics and Messaging (plus my non-existent love-life that takes up about 99.9% of this section):

The lyrics are your classic cute girl group song about having a crush and describing in detail how that crush makes you feel. As I read the lyrics, and as cheesy as it may sound, but it reminded me of a guy that I’m currently interested in. What’s kind of “odd” about it is that our parents are pretty good friends who have done incredible things for my family and I. We also work at the same place but yet I barely know anything about him beside the fact that most of the things I do know about him were things my mom told me. He’s a really sweet guy and I cringe at all the times I may have unintentionally come across as rude or standoffish.

Man, I feel like it’s so stupid ‘falling’ for him because what if he has a partner? What if he doesn’t have one? I don’t think he’d be interested in me since from vaguely knowing the girls he’s interested in, he likes girls with long hair and bubbly personalities, and I’m the complete opposite. I can be bubbly when I want to but from what I’ve seen, it’s the type of girls that are just straight up bubbly all the time. I’ve even confided in one of my “supervisors” about how badly I want to get to know him. But now it kind of feels like a lost cause. An unrequited love that may never turn into anything. I’m assuming you’re like “Hey K.H, why don’t you just simply talk to him so you can get to know him better?”.

Yeah… that’s where things get sort of muddy. I could if I wanted to but as we are both extremely shy people who have our parents push conversation between us, I don’t think I’ll be able to do that. Ugh it’s so awkward when his parents or my parents are all like: “Hey guy that K.H is interested in, why don’t you go to another place that isn’t here and show K.H and her sibling your current interests or something? Because y’know, it’s kind of uncomfy having you three just stand there and not do or say anything.” Gosh, having crushes can suck sometimes.

Anyways, wow that was unnecessarily long but I want to feel the way Apink does when they see their love interest in person! Even if the feelings aren’t replicated back, there’s such an invigorating feeling about having a crush. I’m not sure why. But hey good for Apink for wanting to take this crush to the next level. Good for them….

The Song and My Opinion:

Mostly everything about this song is so good. It’s just that damn chorus. I think it just makes almost the whole song tank. It’s just as plain and basic as vanilla. It doesn’t bring anything exciting and it doesn’t elevate the song in any way shape or form and that makes me really disappointed. They could have gone any other route but that one. I do occasionally listen to Mr.Chu from time to time when I’m in the mood for it but it pains me to think how different this song could have turned out to be. Most kpop fans seem to love this song as well as Korea as in 2014 it was the 8th best selling digital song on the Gaon’s year-end chart. As for me, I’ll stick to the songs that were produced after their concept change.

I’d give this song a….


Thanks for reading! Also, a new girl group debut, Itzy’s comeback and the end of April seem fast approaching so expect 2 Sporadic Zone reviews and another Multi-Review article!

See you then!

9 thoughts on “The Almost Songs (Multi-Review Edition): Liar Liar by Oh My Girl and Mr. Chu by Apink

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  1. Very funny and uplifting new segment for your blog! I really enjoy it! Also, I might consider buying those headphones in about 3 years since I still have my new AKG Y50 on-hand. I actually love the sound on mine since I can hear details on songs and the bass in so powerful. I guess Bose does make a better one, I’ll check it out. For the songs, well those songs are legendary but not for me. It is really strong, but again not my fave.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lol laughed a lot in this post. Pretty hilarious, especially the Mr. Chu crush rant. I felt that at a metaphysical level. I have a slightly different problem. I have a friend who I am only friends with, and then I have other friends who take shipping as a hobby… you can see where this is going so I’ll stop now.

    Liked by 2 people

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