A Tale of Two S-Sisters: Dumb Dumb by SOMI and YCSWU by Sunmi Reviews

(Picture source: https://www.nme.com/news/music/sunmi-somi-k-pop-covid-19-testing-m-countdown-producers-3022160)

(The female version of the August comeback roster was too much for my brain to handle as I stumbled through a lot of writers block so I decided to break them down all into seperate parts here!)

Wow it’s been quite a while hasn’t it? I was supposed to release this weeks ago but hey at least it’s here now!


Somi looks GORGEOUS as a blonde! She looks incredible!

I’m so glad that Somi has finally released a solid track! What You Waiting For was decent but forgettable. And Birthday was less fortgetable than WYWF but doesn’t have any substance. However, DUMB DUMB has what I’ve been looking for from Somi! I feel like Somi’s “concept” is a carefree and fashionable young adult who’s trying to figure out her love life and DUMB DUMB exhibits that the most. The lighthearted piano with the slinky electro beat mixed a lot better than it sounds on paper and the only negative critique I have about this is the lack of a bridge.

Fingers crossed that we don’t have to wait a whole ‘nother year to wait for another digital single. It would be worse if she released another single with her other previous singles in a mini-album with only one new song. I can feel my heart tearing apart by just imagining it. Somi is a talented young lady, so for the Black Label to give her 2017-2019 Blackpink scheduling could hurt more than help.

I’d give this an…


Song 2: You can’t sit with us by SUNMI

“You say it’s love (love), but you got a point (point)!”

I really like this song. I just wish that it was released last year as the retro trend Dua Lipa helped ignite went into full force in the kpop realm. When Rocket Punch came back with Ring Ring in May, I didn’t mind that it was retro themed even though people were exhausted from the plunder of it last year. And I 100% get that, I want something else! Last year Sunmi only came back once with a proper comeback that was “pporappimppam” but in all honesty, as good as a song that is, it’s probably one of her weakest singles. However, YCSWU is on the stronger side of the two.

Now onto the EP. After 3 long long years, Sunmi has finally blessed us with one and it’s just as good as the previous one! SUNNY (9.1/10) is especially great and the remaining tracks are also pretty decent. Here are their rankings:

1/6: 8.75/10

Call: 8.6/10

Narcissim: 8.1/10

Borderline: 8.25/10

I’d give this a…


Thank you for reading. I’ll try get my other half-done drafts out soon!

2 responses to “A Tale of Two S-Sisters: Dumb Dumb by SOMI and YCSWU by Sunmi Reviews”

  1. Funny how you gave both songs a positive score, and me negative haha.

    Looking forward to the rest of the female reviews for last month.

    Liked by 1 person

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