The Sporadic Corner (Mini-Edition): Queendom by Red Velvet Review

Writer’s block plus depression really is a match made in hell but I decided to at least post something so that I can feel somewhat productive.

I didn’t get to review this comeback the day of or yesturday as on the 16th I was too busy setting up my new computer and yesturday was a busy workday. So here I am! Reviewing something that has a lot of Reveluvs and non-Reveluvs alike wondering what to think of Queendom. Personally, it took some time to grow on me but I actually love it!

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been absolutley starving for a Red Velvet comeback and now they’re finally back! I missed them so much and there’s so many things that really sold this comeback for me. First off Lead Rapper Joy is back! I love her rapping voice, I find it so cute. Secondly, Yeri and Irene’s rapping and singing seems to have improved. And shockingly enough Irene got a big chunk of the chorus to herself! That’s major improvement! Third off, Wendy got a satisfying high note at the end of the bridge which I heavily enjoyed. And last off we got orange haired Seulgi back! The very first Red Velvet member to catch my eye was Seulgi in Russian Roulette who had that same hair color.

The muted synths really elevated this song and made it kind of elegant and exciting in a way. It’s as thrilling as Zimzalabim except while Zimzalabim is avant-garde and campy in nature, Queendom is chilled, retro and sleek. The music video is cute but the lyrics are kind of run of the mill, “we’re beautiful, we’re strong” type of lyrics that are pretty surface level.

The mini album was pleasant with Pose (8.7/10) and Knock on Wood (8.85/10) being the real standouts for me.

Anyways to conclude, Queendom is a very fitting name for a title track that fans waited ages for. I feel like it’s message clearly states that Red Velvet still has that “it” factor that made them so popular in the 3rd gen and that they are back and here to stay (depending on if all 5 members resign their contracts with SM which I don’t think will happen OR if SM pulls an f(x) move and quietly shoves them into their non-disbandment basement).

Here are Queendom’s rankings (because one simply isn’t enough):

Song: 9/10

Music Video: 8.9/10

Lyrics: 8/10

Hooks: 9.1/10 (I don’t think I’ll be able to get “Ladidado-babadida Ladidado-babadida dashi hanbeon sijakhaebulkka” out of my head for a long long time)

Album: 8.4/10

Outifts: 8.9/10

Era Total: 8.7/10

One response to “The Sporadic Corner (Mini-Edition): Queendom by Red Velvet Review”

  1. Glad you like this one so much. While I am not as much of a fan, the post-chorus is also stuck in my head haha.

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