Multi-Review Corner (Monthly Edition): Comebacks and Debuts of June 2021 Part 2 + A Little Surprise

I apologize for the long wait as I meant to post this days ago. Summer depression is no joke and finding the will to continue doing the things I love takes a lot of energy out of me. But I do have a surprise announcement. About 2 months ago I made a YouTube channel but I thought that the videos I made “weren’t worth showing off”. But now I’ve made a video that I feel like is worth showing off! A series installment of my kpop summer playlist! I’m currently working on part 2 and honestly I haven’t had this much fun making things in such a long time. I will continue to post reviews on here but after I’ve published one that’s been in the drafts for too long, I think I’ll put more attention to the channel. Also please please please tell me how I can improve in editing or anything like that 😀

Here is the video:

I’m really really proud of this thumbnail :D. I mean look at it? Isn’t it beautiful?

Ok let’s get into it!

Song 16: Sneakers by Ha Sungwoon (Comeback)

I love this song so much! Sneakers makes me feel like going on a fun summer adventure where I can feel more in touch with nature! I’ve kind of heard of Ha Sungwoon and I checked out his recent comeback Forbidden Island which was nice but Sneakers is way more liked.

I’d give this. song a…


Song 17: DAMAGE by JustB (Debut)

Dressing up as American football players is definitely something new that’s better than the plain black suits they showed off. After listening to whatever the hell OMEGA X debuted with I was kind of scared about what to expect from them. But I was pleasantly surprised. Damage could pass off as one of those hype songs that would play in a promotional ad for NFL or FIFA. Also, I’m not one to mention an idol’s looks but this is one good-looking group!

The other day, as I watched a bunch of Studio Choom videos I noticed that JustB had a choreography video for Damage on there! On one of the most prestigious kpop choreography channels! Not even Everglow with their recent comeback could get an “invitation” from them (for whatever reason).

Ahhh it’s a…..

8.75/10 for me

Song 18: Paint the Town by Loona (Comeback) [LONG AWAITED]

I was expecting that they would fully utter the phrase “Let’s paint the town red” but oh well….

After such a long wait, my girls are finally back! But most importantly, Haseul is baaaaack! Oh how we Orbits DEARLY missed her. My heart is so happy she’s back. Her vocals are some of my favorite in Loona.

When it comes to PTT, I have a lot of disorganized thoughts about this song.

Number 1: Why is ViVi barely shown in this music video or heard in this song? Why did she have to show up near the end? Also where is Gowon? Why were both her and ViVi heard only partially near the beginning and a bit near the end?

Number 2: Jinsoul, Yves, Kim Lip and Haseul gripped this comeback with their bare hands and refused to let go. They SOLD this comeback.

Number 3: This is the best Loona intro I’ve heard since So What.

Number 4: The “latatata’s” in the chorus don’t have enough umph to it. This is the same complaint I mentioned in TRI.BE’s debut song. Bombastic adlibs with low energy sound very awkward. Also, as per usual the first verse and pre-chorus are the best parts of the song.

Number 5: Lyrics like “We’ll taking to the moon” makes my grammar police sirens go insane. “We’ll take it to the moon” sounds so much more natural and doesn’t make my head hurt as much. Also when Haseul said “And living is wise” I only hear “And to live is wise”. Is that just me or what?

Number 6: Loona makes some of the best bridges and honestly other groups should take notes.

PTT gets a…


Song 19: Hello Future by NCT Dream (Comeback)

This is a weird song. I feel like the first half of the song doesn’t get into it’s full form until the chorus and it just feels like the song before then is staggering up until that point. Mark’s rapping has slightly decreased since Save but it’s still improved. I’m slowly putting together their names with their faces and voices and I was so shocked that sweet ole Jeno could go that hard as a rapper? Same goes for Jaemin. Despite the music video concept, this song seems more galactic and spacy than upbeat and bohemian. And from that I kind of wish the music video went that route

I’d give it a…


Song 20: My Lips….. Like Warm Coffee by Chungha X Colde (Collab Single)

I loved Chungha and Colde on the bside Lemon. So to see them here was a nice surprise but also really halted me for a second after listening to Hello Future. Transitioning from a steady paced song like that to one as slow as Warm Coffee really made my brain blank out for a moment. I like slow songs but this a little bit too slow for me. My mom would probably love a song like this as 50% of her playlist consist of the most slug paced kpop ballads.

I’d give this song a…


Song 21: Poison by Pink Fantasy (Comeback)

Finally a kpop rock inspired song done right!

Woah woah woah, where did all this money come from? What people (or person) were fired or hired that made us get to this point? Anyways, I’ll just pretend that Lemon Candy was just a really bad nightmare that lead us to an unbelievably entertaining comeback that is Poison. This is the very first Pink Fantasy song I’ve actually enjoyed. The song production, music video quality and the fact that this song actually fits into their spooky storyline is incredible! I promised myself that I wouldn’t mention Dreamcatcher in this review since a lot of kpop fans like to mention them whenever a kpop song has even 1 ounce of rock infused to it. But, I like how Dreamcatcher has a rock sound but this song makes me wish that Dreamcatcher would go this hard! Like yes please add more demonic metal screaming, I live for it!

I’d give this song a…


Song 22: Rain to be by ONEWE (Comeback)

I don’t really have words for this comeback. This gif pretty much sums it up:

music video crying GIF
Pretty much almost all of ONEWE’s songs make me feel like crying in the rain

I’d give this song a…


Song 23: Higher by A.C.E (Comeback)

Kpop Stan Twitter was salivating all over the concept photos for this comeback so I was curious as to if we would get a OnlyOneOf libidO inspired track. We didn’t but this is kind of acceptable. I really need to stop expecting A.C.E to always release dark tracks like Goblin (Favorite Boys) and just accept that they can release whatever they want. Higher is fine. I was expecting something incredible but it’s just fine. Nothing other than that.

I’d give it a..


Song 24: All Your Fault by GOT7’s Yugyeom (Debut)

Since when did GRAY have a face?! I thought he was like Korea’s version of Marshmello

It’s so nice to have another GOT7 member release some more music! With a song that makes me sway from side to side, I wasn’t expecting a MV as dark and gritty as this one which makes it quite a daunting watch. I was expecting one where Yugyeom gawks at an attractive girl at a bar who trying to play hard to get. Then he tries to make his move, the girl entices him to go home with her then he’s scammed and robbed of all of his belongings hence the shift blaming title of “All Your Fault”. I Want U Around (Rated at a 8.9/10) feels like a song that would appropriately fit this video.

Also, what is it with male idols that have the seemingly sweetest personalities that always have the deepest voices (i.e Felix from Stray Kids), strong rapping skills (i.e Jeno from NCT Dream that I mentioned earlier) and Yugyeom who I was expecting to have a light hearted song like BamBam’s.

All Your Fault gets a…


Song 25: Bye Bye Bye by WEi (Comeback)

Bye Bye Bye is like a more funkier Maroon 5 song which makes me kind of sad because I was kind of over that type of sound years ago. My liking for them kind of strays further and further away with each release which sucks because they had a solid debut. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a hoe for energetic summery guitar so just from that and also from it’s somewhat catchy grasp on me, I’ll give it a chance.

I’d give this song a..


Song 26: Up All Night by GHOST9 (Comeback)

Aw damn it! I was really enjoying that 15 second intro with the jazzy coffee shop piano. Up All Night is like a sugary drink that’s been diluted with too much water. The lighthearted boygroup fluff is nice but there’s not enough sugar to counterbalance the blandness that the song occasionally shows. The “we’re forever young” concept that there going for does wonders for a dark boy group like GHOST9 but I wish it could have been executed a bit better.

I’d give this song a…


Song 27: Secreto by Yezi (Comeback)

It’s kind of a shame how both this release and her previous release follow very predictable musical paths but I’ll appreciate that Secreto has a little more spice to it. I used to see Home be hyped up so much on my Kpop Twitter timeline so I had pretty high expectations for it. I was extremely disappointed on my first listen but once I lowered my expectations and listened to it again it was a lot more enjoyable. Same goes for Secreto.

I’d give this song a…


Song 29: Free Pass by DRIPPIN (Comeback)

Junho in the pre-chorus definitely stole the show for me

Arguably, DRIPPIN’s discography contains one of the best debuts of the 4th generation. There hasn’t been a title track so far as strong as Nostalgia but I appreciate the tracks they have released so far. For some reason, this gives me heavy TXT Blue Orangeade vibes. Similar to GHOST9’s comeback, there’s a lot of fluff but it’s properly distributed throughout the song. There’s just the right amount of sweetness that doesn’t make it feel too overwhelming.

I’d give it a…


Song 30: Moonlight by BDC (The First Comeback)

Hole in Your Face sounded like the embodiment of a nice afternoon and Moonlight, similar to its name, sounds like a mystical evening. I’ll admit it is a little weaker than their debut but I still like it.

A 8.7/10 for Moonlight!

Song 31: Why by Sole ft. Gaeko (Comeback)

This comeback is the embodiment of “same shit, different day”. But even with that, Sole pulls it off flawlessly even if we’ve heard a song like this millions of times before from her. Some people we’re kind of disappointed that she didn’t go a different route but I’ll happily gobble up whatever she releases.

I’d give it a…


Song 32: Haeundae Beach by Huh Chanmi (The First Comeback)

At first I was jarred by this comeback but then I started to really enjoy it. I always look at Huh Chanmi with bittersweet eyes because she’s been through so much and I’m glad that she is finally achieving the career she strived so hard to obtain. Speaking of the song, trot is extremely hit or miss with me but I really enjoyed listening to this song and couldn’t help but bop along. I feel like Haeundae Beach has so much character and pazazz unlike her debut which kind of felt like a carbon copy of a generic kpop song. This also sounds like the perfect karaoke song I can sing along to (even though it’s one hundred times harder to sing along to Korean than English). The additional bside ‘Pick Me‘ (Rated a 8.5/10) felt like a carbon copy of Haeundae Beach but because I enjoyed this song so much I’ll happily embrace Pick Me.

I’d give this song a…


Thanks for reading!


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