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The Sporadic Zone (Multi-Review Edition): Alcohol-free by Twice, Lock Down by EPEX and DFTF by EXO

Song 1: Alcohol-free by Twice (Comeback)

I’m over the moon about the fact that 2 of my top 3 favorite girl groups are coming back in town this month and we are now first starting off with Twice! For some reason Twice’s songs usually last the longest on my personal daily playlist as More and More is still on there even after one year! More and More had a slow burn and it took a bit of time for it to deliciously marinate. And I feel like the same will happen for ‘Alcohol-free’. It sucks that I will have to wait about 2-ish days for the actual mini album but I’m ecstatic nonetheless that they are back with another summer hit with spritzes of Spanish/Latin vibes and dashes of summer seduction there to mix.

It’s been a while since Twice has had a comeback that was specifically an ode to summer as More and More was more on the ethereal/Garden of Eden side. But unlike Dance the Night Away (whose choreography is a million times better than the song), Alcohol-free feels more ‘mature’ and naturally tantalizing. Comparing your love for someone with an alcohol drink is one of the most creative lyrical pieces I’ve seen (but claiming that you’re “drunk on someone” is something that’s been heavily overused) and it perfectly matches for the summer season!

No Momo and Mina it’s what you do to ME. Anyways, all the girls look hot and ready for a cliche summer romance!

This summer bop gets a….


Song 2: Lock Down by EPEX (Debut)

When I saw the kpop comeback/debut roster for this month I was disappointed that it seems so short. I don’t think it’s been this “short” since March of last year in my opinion but at least some big name players will be arriving soon! So once I saw that CIX’s and cignature’s little brothers were about to debut, I didn’t think much of it and I had a slight inkling of hope that it would be as good as CIX’s debut. But I was wrong. And what’s worse is that the MV concept and lyrics are a lot worse than the song itself. The song itself is pretty predictable. If an AI were asked to generate a 4th gen boy group song then Lock Down would be it. MalichiMill from the TheBiasList’s review of this song made a great comment about feeling overwhelmed about the current selection of 4th gen boy groups who don’t have any specific distinctions with each other. I do enjoy a lot of 4th gen boy groups but at this point it kind of feels like Control C Control V.

Let’s start off with what I think with their creation. I swear that some smaller companies really don’t know how to slow down and are blinded by those sweet sweet dollar signs. CIX is 2 years old and cignature just had their 1st anniversary about 4 months ago. So why do you need to rush out another group? Why can’t you build up on the soloist and groups you have now and THEN debut something new? This is one of the most annoying things that I notice in Kpop because it could be a CLC situation where your junior (or senior) group is getting more attention and comebacks than you are.

Second off, the lack of genuinity in the concept and lyrics really feels like a painful slap to the face to someone who struggles with mental health. Mental health is still stigmatized in a lot of cultures and societies and it shouldn’t be reduced into some “badass” boy group concept. All I can do is shake my head at C9 Entertainment and try to figure out what the hell they were thinking. But at least on the brighter side EPEX has some good vocals and really strong rappers. And that bridge with members Mu and Yewang is honestly one of the best that I’ve heard in awhile!

Lock Down gets a…

6.9/10 for the song itself

4/10 for the lyrics

5/10 for the MV

Song 3: Don’t fight the feeling by EXO (Comeback)

There’s something so perplexing about EXO that I can’t quite pinpoint. My relationship with EXO is like macaroni and cheese. I love both, and they never fail to hit the sweet spot every once in a while. But when I would name my favorite groups (or favorite foods) EXO wouldn’t even scratch the top 20. I really like them but calling them my favorites kind of makes me hiss my teeth because my brain is like “I don’t know. I like them a lot but calling them my FAVORITES, that’s going a bit too far”.

DFTF is everything I’ve ever wanted in a boy group comeback and more. A bass heavy beat. Yes please! Hot guys dressed in “Mission Impossible” attire? Give me more! AND it’s from SM? Let me give them a big round of applause for giving me the comeback of my dreams! DFTF is the perfect knockout punch comeback to start off the summer season!

Don’t fight the feeling gets a…


Thanks for reading. I hope the summer heat isn’t making you melt into a puddle like it is for me!

3 thoughts on “The Sporadic Zone (Multi-Review Edition): Alcohol-free by Twice, Lock Down by EPEX and DFTF by EXO

Add yours

  1. As you probably know, my score of Don’t Fight the Feeling is much lower. I appreciate it for it being an EXO release, nothing else.

    YES. Someone else who enjoys Alcohol-Free. It is a really good son, kind of surprised by the overall negative reaction.

    I just wrote a big post for EPEX’s debut mini, and I’ll publish it in a few days. I’l just say this, I AM NEVER LISTENING TO THAT CHORUS EVER AGAIN, OR THE LYRICS.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh I can’t wait for that post! Also I’m also somewhat shocked about Alcohol-free’s reception. Some Onces seem super excited about having a chill summer song and others say it’s their worst song yet


      1. I think the divisiveness stems from the fact of Alcohol-Free’s lack of ambition. But then again, it does not really need it. I think it will age well.

        I think I’ll first review Alcohol-Free, then post my review for the EPEX album. The EPEX post is much less traditional, and more a conceptual and cultural review. Think 10/10 – Music meets Seoulbeats in style. It was a long post, and mentally exhausting and depressing. Not something I want to do again lol.

        Liked by 1 person

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