Multi-Review Corner (Monthly Edition): Comebacks and Debuts of May 2021 Part 2

Picture is from Alexandru Tudorache on Unsplash. Yet again if there are any slight grammar mistakes or typos here I’ll apologize in advance

I don’t know what to add here so I’ll just add my “snack of the month” which is a small segment that I’ll unpredictably add when I can’t think of anything else to say:

May’s Favorite Snack of the Month

Song 12: Ring Ring by Rocket Punch (Comeback)

This is their best song to date but it was ruined by the strained vocals in the chorus, even though it’s the most catchiest part. It’s unfortunate that I feel like Rocket Punch, albeit a pretty decent group, is slightly lagging behind their male counterparts whose music feels a lot more whole such as DRIPPIN and Golden Child. Ring Ring gave me a weird nostalgia feeling for a time that’s kind of bittersweet but feels slightly more bitter than sweet. It reminded me of the time I used to go to a majorly white high school a couple of years ago, and boy do they love their “Take on Me’s“, “Never Gonna Give You Up’s” and “You Make My Dreams’“. So much so that there’s a tradition for each class to learn specific choreography for each song they were assigned and perform it infront of everyone. Most of the junior (11th grade) and senior boys (12th grade) would act “too cool for school” and bring the most lackluster “I would rather be anywhere but here” energy. But that feeling was shared and if it’s a school tradition that’s an excuse to get out of class, at least show a bit of enthusiasm. Ring Ring reminds me of having to go to the gym and practice the choreography for ‘You Make My Dreams’ that we had to do and how ridiculously excited the older staff would get because it’s an age old tradition that still lives on. Going to a majority white school as a non-white person was quite the experience and this song makes me go back to the good, non-problematic parts of that experience.

The Rocket Punch Girls get a….


Song 13: HAPPEN by Heize (A Long Awaited Comeback!)

The beginning was pure ASMR.

‘우연’ [woo-yeon], meaning coincidence, is a word that I’ve seen quite a bit lately. So the fact that Heize dropped this as soon as I added that word to my Korean vocabulary was a nice coincidence!

I love Heize and I was so excited to see her back. Lyricist was a nice “coffee shop/bossa nova” feel to it, but this was very insipid. The lyrics are nice and I’ll listen to it but boy am I relieved that this comeback came with an EP! It softened the blow of my disappointment a lot more that way.

This gets a….


Song 14: Rub-a-Dum by TRI.BE (The First Comeback)

Woah an upgraded MV set! Nice!

The childish chants in the beginning reminded of the ‘East African’ children gospel songs (Yes I’m gonna be that vague since society likes to think that Africa and its cultures are one big monolith) that my parents would obsess over and “force” me to listen to. And it’s not like their bad. The children themselves are very talented. But my parents are head over heels for it and expect me to feel the same way. That alongside with the high pitched wind instrument made the intro a bit overwhelming to listen to. I really didn’t want this song to grow on me since my brain detested the idea of listening to it but I gave it a try. And it sounds pretty decent. The energy feels a lot better than last time in “Doom Doom Ta” and it seems like they upgraded the music video set and outfits!

This song gets a…


Song 15: Giant by Yuqi (Debut)

I was not expecting for this to be in English so this is a nice surprise. Yuqi has one of my favorite vocal colors in kpop and seeing her go solo feels so refreshing. You would think that with the lyrics Giant has, you would expect it to kind of expect it to go in a generic direction but thankfully it makes a complete u-turn and comfortably establishes itself in the “encouraging/nothing can tear me down” genre of music. Bonnie and Clyde belongs to Yuqi and Yuqi alone because I could never imagine this being sung by a higher pitched vocalist. The infamous Bonnie and Clyde couple is one of the most overused lyrical tropes in music and I’m glad that it doesn’t seem too cheesy or eye-roll worthy in this song.

I’d give this a…


Song 16: Oh Mama by Bling Bling (The First Comeback)

The music video is….interesting

I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought it would. Their debut is near to unlistenable so I had pretty low expectations. I surprisingly like this, it’s so much more cohesive. While studying, while washing the dishes and even while sleeping that hook never fails to escape me. There was nothing I didn’t like except for Ayamy’s kind of weak rap in the second verse. Also speaking of Ayamy, it’s so nice to finally see an idol with braces! My pre-teen self would have been so touched to see that type of representation!

This song gets a…


I deleted Song 17: Purple by woo!ah because it didn’t make me feel comfortable to shove in something so “controversial”. But yeah I gave it a 7.67/10

Song 18: Hello by Joy (Non-OST Debut?)

The MV is so so cute!

I have a slight inkling that Yeri (and maybe Seulgi. Hell even, Irene if possible) may make her first return to the non-OST/solo realm since her debut in 2019 (or what looks like her debut) with ‘Dear Diary‘. So seeing my favorite voice from Red Velvet (and also one of the most beautiful women I’ve evers set my dull eyes on) make a solo one month after Wendy is one of the best things that came from this month.

In all honesty, this is Joy’s world and were all living in it. Hello feels like the theme song for people who need a little push, that one thing to keep them going for just a little longer. I wasn’t expecting Hello to be this upbeat whatsoever so I was quite taken aback. I was originally planning on listening to the rest of the EP (and the EP that ONF released with Black Mirror) but I’ve listened to so many different albums and EP’s this month that my brain is burnt out by listening to a bunch of new songs at one time. Maybe I’ll make a seperate post about the EP’s I missed out on so far. Maybe…

I’d give this song a…


Song 19: 0x1=LOVESONG (ft. Seori) by TXT (A Long Awaited Comeback!)

Just like my comment in the Everglow review, my unrequited love for 2019 groups also extends to boy groups. It’s so exciting to see that Soobin and Arin’s (who currently co-host Music Bank) came back in the same month (same goes for their older seniors BTS). I don’t know I thought that was a cool woo-yeon.

Anyways moving back into the song, this felt like a coming-of-age “we’re on top of the world” type of song which are one of my favorite genres to listen to, especially to while on a road trip. LOVESONG feels like it can be directed towards anyone, not just a romantic protagonist. It could be a song about maybe the friendships they have, about their family maybe even about their pet. There are so many specific songs which have the feeling of ‘this is most definitely about a romantic protagonist of the opposite sex’. But the fact that LOVESONG is so flexible in its message makes it feel incredibly refreshing. There aren’t any “what up girl’s” or “you’re so beautiful’s”. It’s simply “I think I love you” directed at anyone and everyone.

I’m also so glad to see Seori here and I thought that she was too ‘nugu’ to be recognized by a huge company like BigHit.

I enjoyed all the album’s tracks but I specifically loved No Rules (9/10), Dear Sputnik (8.6/10), Magic (8.8/10) and Anti-Romantic (8.6/10).

I’d give this song a…


Song 20: Let Me Know by PIXY (The First Comeback)

Just like ‘Oh Mama” I was not expecting to like this song! Not as good as “Oh Mama” but pretty decent. The first half of the song feels very generic and the chorus isn’t any better but at least it shows you what it’s trying to accomplish. Let Me Know’s pacing is pretty awkward though. It slows down speeds up, slows down and speeds up again kind of like driving in traffic. Speeding up for a bit and slowing down repeatedly until you get out of that claustrophobic hot mess.

Let Me Know gets a…


Song 21: Son of Beast by TO1 (Comeback? Rebrand Debut?)

Will TO1 be my next favorite boy group and have the honor of being placed on the homepage filled with my favorite groups? Maybe because they seem extremely promising. Back when they were known as TOO, some of their singles didn’t really stick with me. TO1 has really scooped me right off my feet. This mini album was such a delicious treat (there were no skips whatsoever! Surf is my number one!) to listen to after going through such a rough week. Songs like “With You” felt like a nice hug and pat on the back saying “Hey K.H, this month may have been a pain in the ass but just know that you only have one month to go, so keep going!” And I say “Yeah I will keep going! College will still kick my ass for the next few years but all I can do is keep going!”.

This was a pleasant surprise. I’d give it a…


Thanks for reading! Summer is just around the corner, and I couldn’t be more excited that the school year is about to be over. Unfortunately, the weather will be suffocatingly hot and humid. Also lets hope that there will be lots of great comebacks for my birthday month (and speaking of which Twice is releasing a comeback during my birthday month for the second time in a row! Woohoo to that!) and pray I can afford a new laptop which isn’t Apple because I’ll probably never touch or buy one ever again. In all honesty, I chose this laptop for stupid aesthetic reasons and “to follow the crowd” since my high school (the majority white one I mentioned earlier) was Apple obsessed! That’s what I get for following the crowd but yet again what young and naive teenager wouldn’t want to follow the crowd? And what fully grown adult wouldn’t want to follow the crowd?

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  1. On your modesty rant, I’ve noticed that. While I am not a girl nor Christian, I like modest dressing for myself personally. I don’t like how the idea is only forced on girls. If you are going to make a restriction, do it evenly for the sake of the lord!

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