Multi-Review Corner (Monthly Edition): Comebacks and Debuts of May 2021 Part 1

The photo is from Sid Sun on Unsplash they have some really pretty pictures on their profile! Also if there are typos or slight grammar errors in here I apologize in advance

I love the month of May but the month of May doesn’t love me back. That’s the situation that happens almost every year. May is a fantastic month, where the weather isn’t too hot or too cold, the flowers have blossomed and it’s the last full month of school (at least in the U.S it is). But May has historically proven to be the hardest school month alongside with September and October. This May in particular really hit me hard where it hurts especially when one of my favorite girl groups GFRIEND announced that they would be disbanding. Another thing is my computer slowly losing the will to continue on after 3 years.

Anyways, here’s hoping that next May doesn’t beat me into a pulp like this one did!

Song 1: Dun Dun Dance by Oh My Girl (Comeback)

Ugh! Mimi, Jiho, Arin, please stop making my heart feel things.

Once I saw their dun dun release schedule in late April, I thought that this comeback was called ‘Dun Dun’ kind of like Everglow’s ‘Dun Dun’ (My most played song of 2020 for some reason) and I was worried because I thought that they would have a comeback similar to their bside ‘Checkmate‘ with a little more girl crush injected to it. But I’m so glad I was wrong!

Dun Dun Dance falls into a category I like to call “picnic pop”. Picnic pop songs are songs that can fall into the spring or summer seasons and feel kind of a nice gentle breeze on a sunny day. This song is so much more than I thought it was going to be and I’m also happy it’s getting the love it obviously deserves (according to Korean charts at least). Every member killed it here and there’s not a single part I don’t love. Plus all the bsides absolutely bang.

This song gets a…


Song 2: Next Level by aespa (The First Comeback!)

How is it that a rookie group can hold so much power and so much ‘pazazz’? Also I feel like NingNing is my new “Joy” when it comes to vocals because both of their vocals make my ears very very satisfied

It’s so interesting to see the top 3 girl groups of kpop slowly be “”replaced”” by their new and younger counterparts. Don’t get me wrong, Twice, Red Velvet and Blackpink are still huge groups in their own right but their time is unfortunatley and gradually coming to an end soon. And seeing the power, charisma and energy Itzy and aespa bring to the table is so entertaining and enjoyable. Their vocals and rapping here are honestly on another level! It seems like Ningning and Winter’s vocals and Karina’s and Giselle’s rap skills get better and better every comeback!

I’m pissed off SM didn’t give us a bside to go along with this comeback but at least they gave us a strong comeback. From looking at some of the MV’s comments, people thought this was like SNSD’s ‘I Got a Boy‘ but with less seamless transitions which I do agree and disagree with. I also saw a comment saying that this is just something that SM likes to do with their girl groups which is give them really experimental tracks like I Got a Boy, Red Light, Zimzalabim and now Next Level.

Next Level gets a…


Song 3: Easy by WJSN The Black (Debut)

I’ll admit my expectations for this song were way too high. I do like ‘Hmph!‘ By WJSN Chocome a bit more as it feels very distinctive and gives us a comfortable dose of Orange Caramel nostalgia. Easy doesn’t stand out from the genre it’s contributing to but it’s a good song nonetheless. Their additional bside, Kiss My Lips (8.7/10) is more up my alley though.

I’ll give Easy a….


Song 4: Black Mirror by ONEUS (Comeback)


My obsession for this song is just as strong as my obsession over Drunk-Dazed earlier this month (which has an updated score of a 10/10. Some days it even feels like an 11/10). The difference between liking No Diggity and liking Black Mirror is like night and day. No Diggity is fine but Black Mirror is breathtakingly amazing. RAVN saying “Break into My World” is something that will be stuck in my brain for the reminder of spring .

This song gets a…


Song 5: Like It Hot by GWSN (Comeback)

Wow those outfits during the chorus are so painful to look at

Originally I thought this song would come on the 21st as the May 2021 Comeback roster said it was, so my disappointment was unmeasurable when I found out that it was actually the 26th that it would come out. ‘Anime Prince’ Miya (Form of Therapy gave her that nickname) is back after so so long and it’s so nice to see her face. Well, everyone’s face really as SoSo is finally back with the group.

Like it Hot is probably the weakest song in their discography so far but yet it also contains one of their strongest bsides in their discography, so that’s pretty interesting. The song title is quite awkward as it doesn’t really mix well with the lyrics but yet it works somehow. The post chorus was so painfully unnecessary and ended way too short. But it’s listenable and it’s slowly growing on me.

This song gets a…


Song 6: Butter by BTS (Comeback)

Long hair belongs to Jungkook and Jungkook alone

I’m not complaining about the recent English releases from BTS but I’m yearning for a Korean comeback with maybe a few bsides if we’re lucky! After introducing the wild world of kpop to my mom and sibling, BTS has by far been the most beloved group I’ve shown them and they have passed both of their music loving test with flying colors. Unfortunately TWICE has had an opposite reaction which still kind of hurts because Twice are one of my top 3 favorite girl groups and I love my girls a little bit more than my boys. But this is about BTS and they have taken the world by storm once again with a summer bop. 25 million views within ONE HOUR, and 159 million views within TWO DAYS. Wow Army’s are really the most dedicated fanbase, aren’t they?

I wish Butter had a little bit more “umph” to it. It’s nice but I wish there was just a little bit more, y’know? But I’m glad one of my favorite boy groups is back (especially with their own McDonald’s meal!) and my mom is even more excited than I am about that fact!

I’ll give this song a…


Song 7: Hot Sauce by NCT DREAM (Comeback)

Let me go listen Love Again just so I can clear my brain

Just like it’s name, I was really hoping Hot Sauce would live up to actually good hot sauces like Tapatío or Cholula. But this song was like Tabasco. Awful sour tasting Tabasco that scratches the back of your mouth with an awfully acidic taste. That is what NCT Dream’s Hot Sauce was like. The song is okay but the high-pitched chanting was one of the biggest turn-offs I’ve experienced in music. I didn’t even finish listening to the song because it was that bad. The other parts had some potential but I still thought it wasn’t worth listening to again.

NCT Dream is slowly becoming one of my favorite groups as they have good title tracks and even better bsides. So even though this was a disappointment, their music in general is pretty good.

And speaking of new found loves, I’ll stick to listening to Hot Sauce by TO1

This Tabasco song gets a…


Song 8: Advice by Taemin (The Last Comeback for a While)

I feel I wouldn’t like this song as much as I do if it wasn’t for that piano. Though repetitive, it kept me captivated throughout the entire song. The mini album was good especially Light and Strings, I enjoyed those a lot!

I don’t have anything much to say about it… I’ll give it a…


Song 9: Breathe Again by Blitzers (Debut)

By looking at their name in Hangul I would have thought that their name was ‘Bleachers” but I guess that’s the only way they could write it. Honestly ‘The Bleacher Boys’ has a nicer ring to it than just ‘Blitzers’ as it sounds like a Dairy Queen dessert, so that’s their new nickname from now on.

The song is okay. Once again it’s a very ‘meh’ debut with not enough “umph” that will hopefully be followed up with a better first comeback!

I’d give this a…


Song 10: WE GO by fromis_9 (A Long Awaited Comeback!)

Great song. Very messy and disorganized MV.

I feel like fellow Flovers (their fandom name) who didn’t enjoy Feel Good because of the ‘commercial route’ it took definitely won’t enjoy “We Go” either. But because I loved Feel Good, I absolutely adore WE GO. Seoyeon has one of my favorite girl group raps of all time here. It sounds so somber and seductive and I truly can’t get enough of it. Listening to Hayoung’s vocals in a new song is always so so pleasant and I’m glad that we got 2 bsides to match.

This song gets a…


Song 11: Last Melody by Everglow (Finally! After so long!)

Man do I wish I had a healthy head of hair like Sihyun…

I have a subtle and unrequited love for girl groups that debuted in 2019 because that’s when I discovered this wonderful and diverse genre. Some notable ones who debuted that year include Everglow here, Cherry Bullet, Rocket Punch, 3YE, BVNDIT and Izty. So, my excitement when I saw they would make a comeback was through the roof. It’s such a comfy feeling to follow your favorite groups from Day 1 instead of jumping in a bit late.

The first thing that I thought while listening to this song is that it’s sounds so much like a boy group song! The vibes, the choreography, the layout, it all just screams ‘boy group’! I feel like this could have gone to Yuehua’s new boy group coming soon and it would probably have fitted better. Dun Dun has the same type of energy, but it feels distinctly ‘Everglow’ and First unfortunatley doesn’t. I love when girl groups try to go down the dark boy group route but sometimes it doesn’t end up being well executed. I feel like Mia is the only one who really reawakens that ‘dark boy group’ energy that’s needed for a song like this. Onda does too but not as much as Mia.

The pre chorus definitely is the highlight of the song and it’s super-hero esque orchestral aspect is really satisfying to listen to.

I’d give this a…


Thanks for reading! There’s also a part two!

2 responses to “Multi-Review Corner (Monthly Edition): Comebacks and Debuts of May 2021 Part 1”

  1. Karen Swartz says:

    Hot Sauce grew on me like mold. I really hated it and now I guess it’s my guilty pleasure. I’m in crazy like with Blitzers, with hot fudge sauce and a cherry.

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  2. Glad to see someone else not entirely loving Butter. Great review list 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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