Multi-Review Corner (Monthly Edition): Comebacks and Debuts of April 2021 Part 2

Yes hi hello I made up my mind and decided to do Part 2! I wanted to cover some more songs so here we go! Also, the photo I used for this post is from Sergey Shmidt on Unsplash. I realized that I have completely forgotten to credit the non-kpop related photos I used for my previous posts and that was completely unintentional. I don’t want you guys to think that I’m just some smug asshole who steals peoples’ photos without crediting them. Gosh I’m so glad that I got it off of Unsplash (except for my Almost Songs post. I hope I don’t get sued for that one) where you can use really high quality photos for free. They didn’t pay me to say that but I really wish they did, I’m struggling out here!

Song 14: Watercolor by Wheein (Comeback)

I love her. I love her face. I love her name and I love her voice!

Personally out of all the Mamamoo members, Wheein definitely releases the best music! If I were to rank the rest of the members music Hwasa would be in 2nd, Solar in 3rd and unfortunatley Moonbyul in 4th. This is a glamorous sounding song which consists of some of her best vocal moments. My favorite part is definitely the chorus and hopefully the bsides are as good as this title track! (Oh my gosh sometimes I feel like I’m repeating myself so much. “Hopefully the bsides are as good as the title track” or “this song feels uninspired” are things I tend to say a lot. I’m not a musical expert and sometimes I feel like I just repeat myself over and over, gah it’s so annoying! I really wish I could be a more “experienced” music ‘critic’ because it’s so interesting to see some of my ‘peers’ describe music in such enticing and entertaining ways. Sometimes I wonder why some of you still stick around but other times I’m glad that you guys do because this is one of the best online communities I’ve joined in a while!)

Anyways, you dear Wheein get a…


Song 15: On the Fire by W.A.O (Debut)

Apparently some of the members are from another group that disbanded from the same company

Virtually nobody covered this song? I’m actually kind of shocked. Anyways here I am to swoop in and show you that they exist. From reading their name in Hangul (Yes I am studying Korean and yes I’m 100% flexing about the fact that I can read Hangul) their name is pronounced “We are the One” even though at first sight it looks like it’s pronounced as “wow”. This song is a lot more decent than I thought it was going to be. I liked everything except the raps. They felt like they were intentionally trying to rap in a deeper voice instead of their voices being naturally deep and them rapping regularly. However the song structure is pretty predictable and there’s nothing that’s added to the table, which could be one of the reasons why this debut was overlooked. The kpop market is already saturated as is so if you aren’t doing anything creative, like adding the accordion to a trap beat or using bird noises as a unique hi hat then what are you doing?

From looking at the comments of this MV these poor boys were apparently being bullied because they didn’t 100% fit the Korean beauty standard and that’s seems pretty unfair. Some people like kpop solely for the visuals and that’s okay, you do you, but it’s really shitty that they are being harassed for their looks.

Anyways, I’d give it a…


Song 16: Stalker by 3YE (Comeback)

Aww I’m so sad they didn’t add the very beginning to the actual song because I loved it! If I had a YouTube channel, and decided to put an intro, I would put that song as my intro because I’m obsessed with it. This was great and I’m glad that 3YE’s music feels like it’s improving more and more.

I like it a lot…I’d give this a…


Song 17: Thank You by Apink (Fan Song Comeback)

This song right here is exactly the reason why I really dislike fan songs. Fan songs are so painfully predictable, unenjoyable and commercial. Treasure by Astro is probably the only fan song I’ve liked so far. Yeah ‘Thank You’ is cute and it’s incredible that they were able to defeat the 7 year curse and live to tell the story. However, they could have done so much better than this. I was so looking forward to a new Apink song and I’m just left with this.

Also, I’m surprised that Chorong was allowed to appear in this comeback? It seemed like the bullying accusations she got were false but she did admit to underage drinking. So with something as big as underage drinking I’m shocked the company didn’t force her to go on a hiatus.

I’d give this a…


Song 18: Down by A.C.E (Comeback with a Western artist!)

Our ‘favorite boys are back’ with a really commercial song? With a song as incredibly brawny as Goblin (Favorite Boys), one of the best title tracks of last year, is now followed up with this? Why? Why isn’t Byungkwan yelling at me? Where is the powerful choreography and the flashing lights? Where are the punchy raps? I feel like Goblin (Favorite Boys) was all like “it doesn’t matter if you like me or not because I will still be hitting that grind either way” to “hey I may be falling for you right now. Wanna go stare at the ceiling or something?”. I feel like it’s kind of a slap in the face. A.C.E don’t always have to make powerful and uproaring songs but transitioning from their previous comeback to this was like riding in a car at 60 miles per hour and then suddenly stopping.

I’d give this a…


Song 19: ONE by Astro (Comeback)

This wasn’t as good as their previous comeback ‘Knock‘ but I will appreciate that we got a full album, I think it’s the first actually I’m not sure. But this was pretty alright. I haven’t listened to the album yet but I’m assuming there must be a b-side or two out there that’s much better than this.

I’d give this a…


Song 20: Like Water by Wendy (Debut)

So far both Wendy and Joy (“on a lesser known level”) have both released new songs which makes me worried about Red Velvet coming back as a unit. Red Velvet are my girls and it’s such a shame that it’s been a year and a bit since a full group comeback and I want them all as a unit! I shouldn’t complain too much as we have been given Red Velvet content but can we just have one more full comeback before they “disband”.

Anyways I’ll shut up about Red Velvet and talk about this debut! This was so wonderful! Like Water is soothing and it feels like a flowing waterfall in my soul. Honestly, a debut like this fits Wendy like a lace glove and this mini album (especially Best Friend with her best friend. Ah that was so cute!) is so relaxing and makes me feel like slow dancing with myself in the middle of the night.

This song gets a…


Song 21: Rain on me by Majors (The First Comeback)

Much better than whatever the hell ‘Spit it Out‘ meant to be but not all that great. Yeah, I’ll listen to it but it seems like a big mashup of so many pop music cliches and tropes from the mid 2010’s. I think that’s why I can tolerate it is because those tropes (that I can’t really describe) make me really nostalgic. I saw a lot of people mention that their promotional bside “Dancing in the Starlit Night” is better but I just think that they are both decent.

This receives a…


Song 22: You make me by Day6 (Comeback)

My relationship with Day6 is similar to my relationship with sushi. Everyone likes them, raves about how good they are/it is, and won’t stop recommending them/it to me. I mean they’re fine, I’ll consume their music from time to time but their songs aren’t necessarily my favorite. I haven’t listened to their bsides yet so maybe my viewpoint will change who knows?

This was a pleasant song. I’d give it a…


Song 23: Atlantis by Shinee (Comeback?)

Somehow this was worse than “Don’t Call Me“. This song doesn’t connect with me at all and that sucks because Shinee always pass my music loving test with flying colors. I added Major’s Rain on me to my playlist and not this song, that’s how bad I found it. Rain on Me isn’t even all that good production wise but that didn’t completely deter me from it, but this somehow did? How is that possible?

I’ve never not liked a Shinee song so this feels painful to do. Shinee songs don’t usually get rated at the 6 level.

As much as it hurts to do this, I’d give this song a…

6.7/10 ;(

Song 24: Spider by Hoshi (Debut)

I think the Korean word for spider ‘거미’ (geomi) is so cute and I don’t know why

Two Seventeen solo debuts in one month and one of them was from The8. One of the most overlooked and underappreciated members (at least I and a handful of Carats seem to think so). That was shocking as I’m assuming guys like Vernon or DK would get solos.

Spider is as slick and smooth as an expensive leather jacket. That is what it felt like listening to it and this track fits Hoshi super well.

Spiders as a concept are cool but as an animal they are literal demon spawn…


Song 25: Loved You by BAE173 (The First Comeback)

This is their first comeback and they have changed concepts already? I enjoyed Crush on U a lot and I was sort of disappointed that they couldn’t keep up with the fresh spring boy concept just for a few comebacks, just a few! Also how did they go from “I have a crush on you! You’re basically a perfect goddess!” to “when can we love each other the way we used to?”. Couldn’t we get a gradual progression?

This would be my ideal story for BAE173 to tell in their songs:

  • Title Track 1 Message: I like you girl! Let’s date!
  • Title Track 2 Message: We’re in a relationship now and I list off all the cute little things you do.
  • Title Track 3 Message: Oh boy, we don’t really get along as much as we used to and our relationship is standing on its last legs.
  • Title Track 4 Message: We break up and I wish our relationship turned out better and my feelings for you are mixed.
  • Title Track 5 Message: You moved on suspiciously quickly by dating my brother and I don’t know how I feel about that.
  • Title Track 6 Message: You broke me and my brother’s hearts in the most cruelest ways possible and now I want revenge.
  • Title Track 7 Message: Bros before Hoes.

This was nice. You boys get a 8.5/10

Song 26: Gone by Rose (B-Side Promotion)

Not as good as “On the Ground” but pretty good. This song makes me feel like dramatically staring out the window and reminiscing on a relationship that never existed.

An 8/10 for you Ms. Park

Song 27: Antidote by Kang Daniel

IZ*ONE are expected to unfortunatley disband this month. And when it comes to disbanded groups there has been a clear trend of which member has the most success with their solo careers. For One Direction, it’s Harry (even though Zayn is doing pretty well also), in Fifth Harmony it was Camilla for a while and now with Wanna One, it’s Kang Daniel. For IZ*ONE’s case could it be Yena, Wonyoung or Sakura. Chaeyeon perhaps? I don’t know but let me get back to the point. My ears enjoy this instrumental a lot. I slightly prefer Paranoia but this was enjoyable to.

Antidote receives a…


Extra Songs:

Last Dance by (G)I-DLE: This song is better than all 3 of their previous comebacks combined! Soyeon’s vocals sound better than they ever have basically ever, Minnie sounds great as she always does and Neverlands are still complaining about little lines Shuhua is getting. I used to be that type of fan but now I just kind of feel neutral about it. If her voice fits in the song then it fits, if it doesn’t then it doesn’t. Honestly even thinking about this makes me dizzy because every single comeback since they debuted that’s the number one comment under their music videos that gets about 5K likes. The chorus sounds like it wasn’t finished. “온종일 (all day) last dance. Woahhh, yeahh” in the first part of it was really all they could come up with? That just kind of screams laziness to me. (Rating 8.75/10)

Thanks so much for reading! 😀

8 thoughts on “Multi-Review Corner (Monthly Edition): Comebacks and Debuts of April 2021 Part 2

Add yours

  1. As always you have the most public centric, best reviews and the most approachable writing I’ve seen in the critic spheres. You never back down what is shit and what is fucking good. You are really a realm in the corner. I wish many people would want to visit this. It is just sad that it is not that popular.

    The SHINee rant was the best. The most hard-hitting fact I’ve ever heard. Like for real, no offense, that song just couldn’t get through my soul. No matter how hard I keep playing it. It is just meh. Just that. You absolutely nailed it.

    Also as a stan since 2017 (I mean yeah I was an exol in 2013-15 but not a kpop listener), I really appreciate how you are so progressive on your reviews. You provide insights that many of us cannot just simply provide. I love the 4th generation than the other generations. I mean I am just a person that likes to be so futuristic and timely not be stuck in the past. So yeah, that is why I love newer artists ever so slightly.

    Everything you said was so on point, the BAE173 timeline really made me laugh and nod a bit. Well, Pocketdol doesn’t know shit to be honest. About DAY6 well I love them, but I AGREE with you. I mean you shouldn’t force people to like a group? Also dislike a song? That is just main human rules. Please continue doing so much more! Always watching…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “I really appreciate how you are so progressive on your reviews. You provide insights that many of us cannot just simply provide.” Woah that’s one of the most sweetest compliments I’ve ever received. I have never ever thought of it like that.. I just simply write and feel like it may come across as really simple or plain sometimes but I’m glad it’s appreciated.
      “As always you have the most public centric, best reviews and the most approachable writing I’ve seen in the critic spheres.” Ahh deforested my face feels hot now! This is so sweet thank you 😭

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh I’m so sorry if this comment will inflate your ego a bit. But to be honest, in November when I was writing my blog. I almost gave each song a 9. Like literally, I loved November so much that I really liked most of the songs. But then I realized I was too much on this. So I decided to lower my scores. Also that T1419 debacle, to be honest I love ASURABALBALTA but yeah it was just my own taste. EXIT wasn’t really something I was into but many liked. So honesty, is really the key.

        I just want more people like you. Also your satire to autotune is sassy. Again, is music styling bad. I am just so tired of the prenotioned bias many of critics have. But I do also have my biases, but really, it is just unfair. Also some do not like storytelling and lore, which I love. I am a big film and literature addict so yeah, it is sad people want to see MORE DUMBNESS.

        Please continue to be honest. Really love it here.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh my gosh I liked ASURABALBALTA too! Everyone was shitting on it but I thoroughly enjoyed it. A little ego boost once in a while isn’t too bad but I don’t feel any pressure or anything like that so don’t apologize :). I enjoy the kpop reviewing sphere a lot but I noticed that some critics just strictly stick to reviewing the song and that’s fine. But adding some personal flare to it makes it so much more fun to read

        Liked by 1 person

      3. yeah. it is so technical and I hate that. I always have a quote from Roger Ebert that really makes us feel valid. “Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you.” I need more personal reviews. Like really. It is not all about how vocally powerful, instrumentally mind blowing or how hard hitting it is. It is all about how we feel while listening to it.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Loving the long-chain between you and Deforested, but I don’t think I am going to add onto that at the moment. Interesting to see how different your opinion is from the majority, I think you might be the first reviewer to dislike Atlantis, but that is what makes it interesting 🙂

    Also, glad you reviewed WAO, they deserve more attention.

    Liked by 2 people

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