Multi-Review Corner (Monthly Edition): Comebacks and Debuts of April 2021 Part 1

Wow what a month it has been! Also, I was supposed to post some ‘Sporadic Corner’ articles a few days ago but I kind of changed my mind last minute. Anyways, as a kpop lover of two years, I have definitely noticed that some of the strongest songs and comebacks have coincidently been released in April, which is why I was really anticipating how this month would go. And it went great! My favorite time of the year (early April to late June) has finally begun.

Additionally, I saw that quite a few of you enjoyed some of my personal anecdotes in my previous post and I’m glad because I was constantly being paranoid of if it would just be taken as filler. But thankfully it wasn’t and it may be common to just slip one in there.

Song 1: Drunk-Dazed by Enhypen (The First Comeback)

After such a spectacular debut with top notch bsides, our Victorian-esque vampire boys are finally back again with their new single ‘Drunk-Dazed’! I love Given-Taken and I love this song so it’s really hard to pick between the two. It’s just as hard as picking between bread and pasta, it’s just cruel to have to chose one y’know? Anyways, this is a nice upbeat party song! It kinda reminds me of the songs the frat house I used to live by would play, so as good as this song is, it’s just a little triggering because those guys would party from literal sunset to sunrise. Afterwards, my neighbors and I would wake up to a nice little surprise of red Solo cups, used condoms and broken beer bottles scattered all over the sidewalk. Oh how lovely that was. Back to the actual point, the choreography is super strong and it matches the bursting energy with this song. However, the rooster call thing in the chorus was extremely distracting. Couldn’t we get a ‘ayeee!’ or a ‘wooo!’ or something?

I noticed that some criticisms mostly focused on the autotune. Some either loved it or thought it was unbearable. I’ve gotten used to it but I do understand how it can just sound like 2 or even just 1 person signing. Just like with WJSN, where I genuinely thought Yeonjung was singing the whole entire time and Exy would occasionally pop in for a rap break before noticing they just have really similar voices.

This was really good. I’ll give it a….


Song 2: Insomnia by Yukika (Comeback)

I saw that people thought that this was just another Yukika song. Good but not as good as her other ones. However, I thought this song absolutely magical! I LOVE this song. Why is Yukika such an incredible artist!? I’ve never not liked a song that she has released. I think ‘Insomnia’ shows some of her best vocal moments and I was planning to make a multi-review article reviewing this song alongside Twice’s Say Something because I love both songs and they sound super similar to each other. There isn’t a part that I don’t love and even thought this doesn’t necessarily top ‘Neon’ or her incredible bside ‘pit-a-pet‘ it’s still incredibly strong.

I’ll give this song a…

9.8/10 (This may or may not change but nonetheless it’s still gets a 9+ score)

Song 3: 마피아 (Mafia) in the morning by Itzy (Comeback, finally!)

Not Shy hasn’t lost it’s freshness ever since it was released in August and I still bop along to it. So since I have been vibing along with Not Shy for about 8 months I have been anticipating this comeback ever since it was announced in late March. And um.. wow. I mean I like it… I mean of course I like it, Itzy always delivers! The chorus and Yeji in the second chorus are absolute banger parts (that sounded awfully wrong for some reason..) and of course the choreography looks great and the girls themselves looks great. But oh my this is umm… I don’t really have words in a good way and in a bad way. First off, this song sounds so much better with headphones compared to just playing it outloud on my laptop. Second off, Yuna’s voice sounds kind of strange here? I’m not sure why but it kind of grates against the song instead of riding along smoothly with it.

I know for sure this will grow on me and I’ll bop along to it until their next comeback much later into the year.

Yeah, I guess I’d give it a…


Song 4: Scared by P1Harmony (The First Comeback)

Wow, I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would! Those clashing pots and pan things (I don’t know if they are synths or creative hi-hats or what) really do work amazingly well with this song and I love how we immediately faced with some energetic raps that show the energy the song will take as it progresses. The distorted synth with the loud snapping drum are really zestful and that incredible pre-chorus consisting of Theo and Keeho is just one of the shining moments in ‘Scared’. Siren was good but Scared is incredible.

This wasn’t just a great title track, their EP ‘Disharmony: Break Out’ was also very delightful. AYAYA, If You Call Me and Pyramid are some of my personal favorites.

Great stuff, I’d give it a…


Song 5: 5K by Lee Jinhyuk (Comeback)

If you saw my recent ‘The Mixed Bag‘ post (and I really hope you did ;]) you’ve already seen me describe the persona I feel like Jinhyuk as an artist gives off. So besides for my slight disdain for ‘I Like That‘ this was pleasantly better. It’s not 100% good but I added it to my playlist and don’t mind listening to it from time to time. Unfortunately his rapping hasn’t gotten any better and is still plagued with ‘the Mark Effect™’. If you don’t know what I mean by that, then go read my ‘Mixed Bag’ article right now!

At least he looks good in this video, I’ll give him that.

Yeah it’s alright, I’d give it a…


Song 6: GRATATA by HOT ISSUE (Debut)

Wow, this was very lukewarm. It’s a good song but it’s kind of a been there done that thing. I was really anticipating for this debut as I absolutely love finding out about new girl groups debuting! However, it feels like a Blackpink b-side that never made the cut onto an album. Yes the girls can dance, they can rap and they can sing but besides from that I don’t see anything all that special unfortunatley. Diving into the song a bit further, the lyrics in the first chorus are so irksome. “sniper, maker, trigger, gamer, taker and chaser” don’t rhyme even if they all end in “er”. Plus the “gratata bam bam bam” part was just so….just why?! Why?! Yes bad lyrics can exist but this just seems extremely predictable since this song has a lot of “gunshot/bomb” onomatopoeia. The pre-chorus is one of my favorite parts alongside the second verse excluding Da-in who had the “uuuhhh” after every verse.

I saw that their company was formed last year by a Cube-cofounder which sounds super dope and some of these girls can dance but I just don’t feel anything? Not excitement, not disappointment, just nothingness. I bought an air fryer today and I felt a lot more emotion buying that than listening to this, which is rare since I would at least be like “hey a new kpop group in an extremely oversaturated market with way too many groups to keep up with! Nice.” I think I’ll just go watch Ciipher’s music video again so I can laugh and actually feel something. Also, can we just talk for a second how creative that music video set was for taking place in an empty Costco-esque store set? Can we get more grocery store settings for music videos please? Can we just have more of that, instead of boring grey warehouses or that famous abandoned school in Gimcheon?

Anyways, I’d give this song a...


Song 8: ASAP by STAYC (The First Comeback)

This video is so incredible cute I’m in love! Especially that part where they chant “J!” and J justs gives me one of my favorite raps of 2021.

This is so much better than ‘So Bad‘. So Bad is a good song but I just find ASAP so much stronger. I saw people didn’t really like this song and I was kind of shocked. It’s so cute and fresh I mean how couldn’t I love it? I’ve been singing this song ever since it came out and I’d randomly burst into its choreography while getting a late night snack at 1 AM. Sieun, J, Yoon and Isa definitely stood out to me the most in this comeback. The chorus is insanely addictive and it’s ridiculous how much my brain loves this song!

ASAP 내 반쪽 아니 완전 Copy 나와 똑같아 내 맘 잘 알아줄, ASAP 꼭 닮은 내 Decalcomanie, 눈앞에 나타나 줘! ASAP!


Song 9: libidO by OnlyOneOf (Comeback, finally!)

I was really excited when I saw OnlyOneOf was coming back. But I was even more shocked that they were coming out with a title track that kind of has a raunchy name to it? Nonetheless this song and this mini album are incredibly good! That synth is so dope and now that I have better headphones, I can feel it through my veins!

That deep ass synth still quivers in my veins and I’d gladly give this song a…


Song 10: Inside out by NU’EST (Comeback)

I am obsessed with this song! This is so much better than whatever “I’m in Trouble” was! Better title track, better bsides and finally more Baekho vocals to consume. This is a dream come true! I’m so happy April has been filled with 9’s!

I love this song a lot more than I thought I would. This is what moonlight shining on a sparkling sea sounds like.


Song 11: DADADA by LUNARSOLAR (The First Comeback)

Lunarsolar has been releasing some strong tracks! What is it with rookie groups releasing incredible first comeback songs lately! Dadada is energetic and addictive (I really need to use more creative adjectives to describe things…) and I love it! I love how distinctive Iseo and Yuuri’s voices are! I love how cute this music video is and I love this comeback!

I’d give it a…


Song 12: Bad Sad and Mad by Bibi (Comeback, finally!)

Girl….why is this music video so damn short?! I waited so long for you to comeback, you drop a banger with a music video that lasts shorter than a bathroom break? Really? Thank goodness, it’s not actually 1 minute and 34 seconds long and there’s a mini-album to go along with it but it’s not the smartest idea to have your title track music video be the same length as an interlude. This EP is the best she’s released so far and I virtually love all 5 tracks. I don’t have any complaints except that the album cover looks kind of disturbing. Was she punched? Is that photoshop? What does it mean?

Anyways, Bibi never disappoints and I love this girl to death. I’m yearning for a full album and hopefully before I graduate in 2 years we’ll be granted with one :).

I’d give this song a….


Extra Songs:

Song 13: Ugly Dance by ONF (Comeback?): I really need to get my life together and start ‘stanning’ these guys because their songs have been nothing but incredible! That chipmunk voice saying ‘one and two and three and’ was a pretty big turn off and hearing ‘what’s up bro? what’s up sis?’ came across as unintentionally cheesy. I think I actually like this more than ‘Beautiful Beautiful’? Both are really strong songs but I feel like this one just stands out to me more? The choreography is incredible as all ways. Wyatt never ceases to impress me with his deep ass voice that my brain can’t stop obsessing over. Such a great track! (Rating: 8.6/10)

Wow that was really long. There is an unusual amount of 9+ ratings in this post which may be a rarity for the rest of the year who knows. But oh no! Aww man! I only covered 13 April songs (lol not the group April now that I think about it) and I still have 15 left that I wanted to review! Should I make another post in the same week and actually feel like a consistent kpop blogger for once? Should I? I’m extremely tempted to so maybe…

3 thoughts on “Multi-Review Corner (Monthly Edition): Comebacks and Debuts of April 2021 Part 1

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  1. well. well. well. you really are amazing! I agree to be honest for most of the songs here. Scared has grown on me, DADADA as well, ASAP is a good song but just pleasantly good (not really kicking it for me).

    Also, why didn’t you post this earlier! OnlyOneOf could’ve been included in my Critical Standouts! I really hate it because I wanted to include them but the scores aren’t high enough.

    ENHYPEN is just amazing to be honest and I just love Drunk-Dazed forever! NU’EST was a big banger everyone thought so lowly. I mean that song was big to me but I do agree with some criticisms.

    Not sure about BIBI though. I mean yeah it is melodically good but lyrical wise it isn’t something so sure of. But overall, this is an amazing list! Hope you continue…

    Liked by 1 person

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