Multi-Review Corner (Monthly Edition): Comebacks and Debuts of March 2021

It’s now spring! Hooray! The sun can now cure the seasonal depression we’ve developed during the cold grey winter. I can finally soak up that sweet spring sunshine and now I have an actual excuse to go outside now! This March was definitely a lot more fulfilling than last March (which was I thought was extremely dry but consisted of Itzy, NCT, a sprinkle of Stray Kids and other obscure comebacks). There are a great load of comebacks and debuts I’d like to review and just like last time, these reviews won’t be in chronological order just to make things interesting.

Song 1: Not over by MCND (Comeback, sort of?)

Most of their outfits in this music video look really good. If they weren’t super baggy I’d want to buy some of my own too.

I have no idea what it is but I feel like MCND kind of have a bit of a brotherly feel to them, similar to Stray Kids. Like they could be my older quirky “brothers” (despite half of them being younger than me) who just seem super cool and chill. And I could definitely feel that vibe while listening to this song and watching the music video. Crush was definitely better but ‘Not over’ was a nice double promotion treat that they provided for us after Crush’s promotions were over. Plus, I’d like to appreciate how good and cohesive the rappers were in this song compared to many other groups in the 4th gen.

The spritzy and more broad beat drop didn’t really do it for me on the first listen but the nasally mosquito beat drop in ‘nanana‘ grew on me so maybe this will too?

This song gets a…..


Song 2: Run by Sorn (Debut)

She looks gorgeous in this video and she must have had a lot of fun filming this music video.

When Sorn announced that she was going to release her solo, I didn’t really know what to expect. Would it be like CLC’s golden masterpiece ‘No‘ or sound more commercial like ‘Devil‘? Would it be in Thai, Korean or English? What would the budget for the music video and outfits look like?

Well, now that I have my answers, I just feel really underwhelmed. I like it and I’d listen to it when it comes on shuffle play but I was expecting a lot better than this. Run feels like one of those songs that my church likes to play during the summer or the OST to a G-rated tween coming of age movie. Very family-friendly, commercial-like and plain. Even though the song could be better, it’s nice that Sorn was able to pour out her thoughts and feelings in a song that means a lot to her.

This song gets a….


Song 3: Fireworks [I’m the One] by Ateez (Comeback)

I hope San keeps that pink hair, it suits him extremely well.

It seems like it’s a bit of an “unpopular opinion” to like this song and was shocked when I saw people mention that this was one of if not their worst releases. I enjoyed this song a lot. It’s not as impactful as ‘Wonderland‘ or as sleek and sexy as ‘Hala Hala‘ but it comfortably places itself in the list of Ateez songs I enjoy. The desert apocalyptic concept was cool, the mini album was nice, the choreography looked a bit goofy at times but I appreciate this comeback.

I’d give this song a….


Song 4: Ponzona by Purple Kiss (Debut, FINALLY!)

Can we talk about Dosie in this debut? Her gorgeous blonde bob and her performance as a whole? That was incredible!

Finally, after 7 years another girl group from Rainbow Bridge Entertainment has debuted. I love Mamamoo and so far I feel like I’ll start to love Purple Kiss as well. There’s no official positions in Purple Kiss yet but it’s obvious that Goeun (the purple-haired one in the MV) is the center and probably the face of Purple Kiss. Swan, their main vocalist, has a very unique voice, akin to that of Shakira, except it sounds more rounded. Chaein (the one with the chocolate and vanilla colored hair) vocals sound so much better and Ponzona shows off her vocal color a lot more compared to their previous pre-debuts. Yuki’s rapping skills continue to improve each time and I love how rounded her rapping skills feel even though she’s a rookie.

The mini album was okay. The only b-side I liked was Period.

This song gets a…..


Song 5: After School by Weeekly (Comeback, AT LAST!)

This entire comeback is really bright and adorable, I love it.

Ugh, why are Weeekly so cute?! After School is adorable, it’s chorus rounds in circles inside my head on an almost daily basis, Monday’s vocals are finally spotlighted (not like they weren’t in their previous comeback but here it’s more apparent) and Zoa’s rap actually fits into the song this time? It’s almost everything I ever wanted! What’s missing is that the instrumental could have been a bit further developed and the choreography, even though it’s really good, has quite a few awkward pauses.

This mini album was probably the weakest one they have so far which is disappointing because the one in their previous comeback had so many great bsides.

This song gets a….


Song 6: UNNATURAL by WJSN (Comeback, FINALLY!)

Whoever the stylist is needs a raise immediately! They all look stunning and expensive! And EXY’s rap part! UGH I’m obsessed!

The day has finally arrived! WJSN has blessed us with another great comeback alongside another gorgeous music video. Unnatural is a pretty good song. However the instrumental during the chorus felt a bit messy and unorganized but I think I’ll get used to that the more I listen to it. I’ll look into their bsides later and see if they live up to the ones from their previous comeback, which were incredible!

I’d give this song a….


Song 7: Lilac by IU (Comeback)

IU looks GORGEOUS in this video. Her hair. Her outfit. Her light and sweet wispy voice. The music video. It’s all just so magnificent

IU, the Nation’s Little Sister and the Queen of Spring comes back to save spring once again with her new refreshing comeback ‘Lilac’. This feels like a nice refreshing spring breeze filled with cherry blossom petals. Similar to how eight got me through the latter part of spring, I feel like this will too.

This song will get a….


Song 8: Bambi by Baekhyun (Comeback)

I noticed that the only foreigner in this MV wasn’t white, so that made me pretty excited. Not like having white people in a kpop MV is bad but seeing non-white people in one is a bit rare to see. Also I was surprised that Bambi is pronounced 밤비 (bahm-bi) instead of 뱀비 (baem-bi) but that didn’t bother me too much.

We are finally blessed once again with a Baekhyun comeback! This is so much better than the plain, stifling song that was Candy. This song is just dripping in swagger and late night yearnings for love. Bambi could definitely pass off as an EXO bside and damn do I wish Kai was right alongside him because they could definitely pull it off together. The bsides from the previous come back were really strong (some are still on my main playlist to this day) so hopefully these ones don’t dissapoint. (I’ll say my stance about them later).

I’d give this song a…


Song 9: Killa by MIRAE (Debut)

I remember a while back, I stumbled upon a hilarious video on Twitter (this is the only ‘copy‘ I could find) where Son Dongpyo (one of their members) spoils some things referring to the group he would debut in. From that video, I thought that the group’s name would be ‘Killa’ and thank goodness it isn’t. Could you imagine their name being Killa? That’d settle right up next to ‘DRIPPIN’ and ‘Bling Bling’ as one of the worst group names kpop has to offer.

Killa feels like the identical twin of NCT’s Superhuman, which makes me really happy because I want as many Superhuman-esque songs as I can take! It’s so energetic, vibrant and effortlessly cool. Again, I didn’t listen to the mini album (which is an unfortunate common theme in this post) but maybe I’ll do a whole separate post of bsides that I missed in March.

I’d give this song a….


Song 10: What Type of X by Jessi (Comeback)

Ugh Jessi is just such a BOSS, it’s incredible to see.

Jessi DID 👏 NOT 👏 COME 👏 TO 👏 PLAY! (lol remind me to never use emojis on these posts again, they sort of look tacky 😐). Gosh, this song is incredible but it really hits hard during chorus. THAT CHORUS. One of the most impactful choruses I’ve heard so far during this year. Nunu Nana was like a chill summer trap song but this is like one of those hardcore songs you’d listen to while exercising or at a rave. This could pass off as a boy group song (and it would be incredible if a girl group did something like this as well) but this song was just made for Jessi.

This song gets a….


Some Extras:

House Party by Super Junior (Comeback): First off, whoever gave Donghae that braided hairstyle in this comeback I just want to ask why? Why? Why couldn’t his hair be straight and red and leave it there? Anyways, excluding that, this is just a regular funky pop song that doesn’t distinguish itself among the other funky pop songs in kpop. Also did the trap breakdown have to last that long? It felt like an eternity before going back to the original track it was flowing on. The only things I liked were Shindong’s taxi yellow leather jacket and that flameflower he had. Rating: 7.2/10

Young Blood by DRIPPIN (The 1st Comeback): Oh my am I a sucker for a good deep house track and that is what DRIPPIN brought. Nostalgia is still a pretty great song yet they came back again with another banger! If their title tracks are this good, I wonder how great their bsides must be! Rating 8.8/10

Get Away by VERIVERY (Comeback): Aw man is it a shame how different Verivery’s music was compared to how it is now. I really wished they stuck to that 90’s new jack swing concept they were going for but I guess the overused trope boy groups are going for nowadays swallowed them up. This song isn’t bad but I wouldn’t want to go out of my way to listen to it. Rating 7.3/10

There’s a few other comebacks I missed but this post is already long enough and I’m eager to finally publish this as soon as possible so that’s that! See you all soon!

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  1. Great reviews! I agree for the most part! Spring is coming and I hope the breeze of great music will continue, because I feel like it’s building up.

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