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The Sporadic Zone: On the Ground by Rosé Review

The Sporadic Zone is a corner where I basically review songs that prompt me to write about them ASAP because they made me think “I need to write about this now and share my thoughts!” Incidentally I was working on some other reviews when I saw this being talked about in my local circles and had to jump onto it immediately.

I don’t really discuss my biases when it comes to reviews but I’ll say right now, for context, (not that it matters) that Rosé is my Blackpink bias. So once the announcement came out that Rosé was next in-line for Blackpink solo releases, I was super excited. The first Blackpink solo, Jennie’s, had a lot of mixed feelings by people. Some people liked it and others thought it was pretty insipid. I feel I’m in the middle, it’s a lot more fun to dance to than to listen to so I think that just shows how I feel about it.

I don’t know what it is but whenever Blackpink releases any song, the music and the song have a very strong “instant replay” characteristic to it. I’ve watched this MV and listened to this song way more than I thought I would (and it’s not like I think the MV and song are the best thing since sliced bread but it’s just so addictive) and that usually wouldn’t happen with any other groups, sometimes including my ult groups.

I think it’s obvious to a lot of people that Blackpink have specific “roles” or “archetypes” they play as a group. For example, Jennie and Lisa are the badasses of the group. Jennie is the fashionable, sophisticated and chic “it” girl who also has a “bad/edgy” side to her and Lisa is the type whose hard-core and intimidating by her insanely gorgeous looks on the outside (not saying the other girls aren’t gorgeous btw because they absolutely are, that’s just a fact) but a softie on the inside whose cute and quirky. Jisoo and Rosé are the girls-next-door with Jisoo being the girl-next-door of Korea with her bright smile, visuals and charisma while Rosé is the flowery and indie girl-next-door whose charming and has a sweet voice.

And with an archetype like that, I wasn’t surprised that Rosé came out with an acoustic pop song like On The Ground. It suits her voice and her vibe as being an acoustic pop darling like Taylor Swift really well. And, oh boy, am I glad that this song has authentic lyrics because it would’ve been devastating if it didn’t. *These lyrics especially stuck out to me “My life’s been magic, seems fantastic I used to have a hole in the wall with a mattress. Funny when you want it, suddenly you have it. You find out that your gold’s just plastic”. It’s a fact that fame isn’t everything and this may be seen as a “we live in a society” quote where in this case fame doesn’t provide instant happiness and everything that shines isn’t gold. However, I think the way it’s written seems a lot better than other songs with lyrics like these such as Blackpink’s bside from their previous group comeback “You Never Know“.

The first verse, pre-chorus and chorus are pretty good. Once the chorus was about to lead up to the post-chorus, I was anticipating a killer guitar solo with some incredible vocals in the background. However, we got an EDM drop which wasn’t too bad. I feel like it fits and doesn’t fit in the post-chorus simultaneously and I really wish it was more melodic because I feel like that could have elevated the song more. The bridge is cute and wholesome and wasn’t really all that impressive but I enjoyed it.

Now that we’ve finally gotten another Blackpink Solo that’s been anticipated for ages after we were “lied to” that it would come in September 2020, it all comes down to Jisoo and Lisa, with Lisa said to be next and whose solo may be released sometime later this year. But knowing YG, I’m taking that news with a grain of salt.

Update: *I also like these lyrics too! (I worked my whole life, just to get right, just to be like “Look at me I’m never coming down”. I worked my whole life, just to get high just to realize. Everything I need is on the, everything I need is on the ground)

I think this thumbnail looks gorgeous, I love it!

This song gets a….


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