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Multi-Review Corner (B-Side Edition): Top Secret (몰래몰래) by Weeekly and Universe by LOONA

(I’ll add random photos as the feature image since it’s impossible to fit every group I review on here in one photo). However, before I start I just wanted to say how I’m super happy that I’ve had 55 viewers on this blog so far! It’s a start but I’m still nonetheless really happy about it. Unfortunately, a good 85-90% of those views from those visitors were from the “Home” page but hey, it still counts.

Song 1: Top Secret (몰래몰래) by Weeekly

For me, if happiness was a song, this would be one of those songs.

Before I talk about this song, I just wanted to mention something about Weeekly. I’m assuming Weeekly has a wholesome high-school girl concept and personally I find that really refreshing. I’ve noticed that a few people describe them as a “Disney channel esque group” and from that description alone, that makes me like them even more! There’s no concept in kpop I 100% dislike but in the current kpop scene, I’m really enjoying this type of wholesome music from talented girls who are in the same age-range I am (BTW I don’t care about age when it comes to liking music, I just wanted to mention that). I’m assuming that by the time some of the members are too old to pull this concept off, they’ll switch to a more mature concept and probably distance themselves from their old concept as much as possible. And in the background, I’ll still be there consuming as much as their music as I can.

Anyways, besides from Top Secret being the best b-side from this album (with Weeekly at a close second) this song makes me feel a lot of positive emotions that I can’t really explain. It feels really upbeat, cute and just happy all around. This song makes me think of warm spring days when the weather isn’t too hot and there’s no clouds in the sky. When the grass is a vibrant shade of green and you just feel a sense of peace. Spring is one of if not my favorite season (and that may be me being biased because I was born in Spring) and even though Spring is the worst quarter-wise, I still immensely enjoy it nonetheless. And that’s how I feel with this song, I enjoy it a lot. I heard mixed opinions about what this song is about. Some say it’s about the fans and others say it’s literally about a first love but I couldn’t really find anything to clarify it, so I’ll just take it at face value. The lyrics are nothing special, there pretty standard for a girl-group song about a crush. Besides from the uncreative lyrics, I love this song and I’m sad I haven’t seen many people talk much about it either.

All of them sound great in this song, and the only real complaint I have is the rap in the bridge. I feel like it was placed there just for the sake of having a rap and for giving the rappers “their intended purpose”. Yeah it’s cute and all but it’s just feels stuffy personally. All the rappers in this group have really great vocals, (I personally find Monday to have my favorite voice among them) so it could’ve been left out.

Anyways, I’d give this song a…..


Song 2: Universe by Loona

Whenever Loona releases a mini-album, I always find myself virtually liking the whole album but there’s always one specific b-side I obsess over. For the “++” album, it was near to impossible to just pick one because all of them are incredible, in “XX” it was Satellite with Colors coming in with a close second, Oh (Yes I am) was my fifth played song of 2020 so take that as you will, and now it’s Universe with Star and Voice coming in second (It’s easy to understand why English-speaking Orbits would prefer Star compared to Voice but I love both song versions so much that I could care less what language it’s in and actively listen to both).

One thing I noticed as the song started was that once Kim Lip starts singing, alongside with the tune of the song, it reminded me of Katy Perry’s Firework. I’m surprised not a lot of people made this comparison because personally it was very apparent to me. Dreamy pop-ballads are one of my favorite types of music so it’s not surprising that a song like this would be up my valley. Songs that could represent twinkling stars within a dark night sky while making you feel comfortable. That’s what songs like this and songs that have a dreamy like feel to them make me feel.

There’s not a single part I dislike in this song but I’d definitely consider the first chunk of the song (i.e Verse 1 all the way to the post-chorus) and the last chunk of the song (i.e the bridge to the last post-chorus) my favorite parts. Choerry and Chuu were definitely the best standouts of this song and I find myself replaying their parts the most. Also, I had no idea Yeojin could sing that high? I thought it was Chuu at first before looking at the lyrical videos and I was pleasantly surprised. I hope I’ll hear some more of that from her in the future :D.

(Also speaking of the lyrics, they’re very standard. “You’re my universe”, “when I’m with you it’s magical”, metaphors about night yada yada yada nothing we haven’t heard before.)

Anyways, I’d give this song a


2 thoughts on “Multi-Review Corner (B-Side Edition): Top Secret (몰래몰래) by Weeekly and Universe by LOONA

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  1. A 9.8 is a truly high score! Universe by LOONA is one of that will fit this I suppose. That song is great and amazing. I agree with you. Does this mean you will never do a 10/10? or you will do it? I’m interested to see…

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