The Mixed Bag: My Turn by Cravity Review

Recently, I’ve had a fondness for Cravity once I started diving into their b-sides. Their b-sides are pretty good and my Spotify playlist seems obsessed with playing Sunrise (even though I have a main playlist of over 800+ songs). This b-side from their last comeback was really good and I definitely needed an bright energetic song with jazzy retro synths that would ruminate in my head from time to time. So, when I heard Cravity was coming back, I was pretty hyped. And the fact that one of my favorite kpop female rappers wrote this song made me even more excited. Usually when it comes to songs I’m somewhat hyped about, I would read others reviews about it while listening to the song, and people did not like this song at all.

When I first heard those synths that sounded like metal cans, I was intrigued and a bit thrown off. It started off well until we got to Post-Verse 1. This may be my disposition for now as I can’t really distinguish any of their voices (and I’m assuming the rappers sound more stronger in their b-sides and other title tracks) but Serim (who starts off this verse) has a type of rap tone that I think doesn’t sound natural. It sounds slightly pretentious and more-so like rap-talk instead of actual rapping. Allen’s very short rap afterward didn’t help either and it sounded like he was disinterested.

However, the pre-chorus completely dissipated my disappointment about Post-Verse 1 and is probably my favorite part of the whole song. I was really enjoying the pre-chorus and was somewhat expecting the chorus to be vastly different from what we received. So once Woobin finished up the pre-chorus, I was met with one of the most embarrassing kpop lyrics I’ve ever heard. I hissed my teeth in discomfort and slowly covered my hands over my face. “Were they being serious?” was a comment I thought to myself and that I saw mentioned within my local kpop circles. I laughed and cringed while listening to most of this chorus. To be honest, I really wish they took the MCND route of being self-aware with their humorous take on a song and I wish they realized how saying “vroom vroom” multiple times in a song sounds really silly, especially because this song’s concept is supposed to be a mix of badassery and cars. Also, the high pitch tones they used at the end of every line in the chorus made it worse.

The “my turns” at the very end of the chorus sounded really good and I really liked the format it was executed in by prolonging “turn”. There wasn’t anything to comment about Verse 2 so I’ll skip to the bridge. The bridge however sounds pretty good and I could definitely see it placed in an NCT song. Minhee’s voice definitely made me enjoy it a bit more plus Jungmo and Woobin’s duet together at the end was so good until it was instantly ruined by the infamous chorus again. There’s nothing really to comment about the lyrics because they’re pretty standard lyrics you’d here from a boy group with a hardcore/braggadocious concept.

Anyways, Jungmo and Minhee definitely saved this song for me but it won’t be enough to make me go listen to this song again.

I’d give this song a….


4 responses to “The Mixed Bag: My Turn by Cravity Review”

  1. Oh! That is surprisingly higher than I thought this would be rated at. My Turn’s TrackScore (cumulative score across all K-Pop blog critics) is at 57. And that score is a LOCKED score that means more than 70% of critics have agreed to give My Turn that score. That is just saddening. CRAVITY is just not it for this song. My Turn is the plague. It’s just so hilarious for a formal review. At least you have a different take on this. I love this!

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  2. Nice review! I crossed upon your site the other day, a well-written review!

    I am genuinely concerned about what the writers were thinking when they wrote the Vroom Skrrt part.

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  3. […] what a disappointment. At least Cravity’s My Turn was more entertaining to listen to. What a […]


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