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(BTW, I first uploaded this to a kpop subreddit, hence the disclaimer because some people can be a little sensitive when someone is criticizing their favorite group. This isn’t something I usually do though.)

Disclaimer: I’m don’t hate Seventeen and I don’t hate this song either, this is just my opinion and a review I wrote a while ago. I also noticed that I mention Vernon a lot in this review so please mind you, I DON’T hate Vernon! I’m a new carat whose slowly getting to know the members. Also, it’s very long and if you don’t want to read the whole thing that’s fine but if you do, I hope you enjoy!

The Song:

This intro is really good and sets up a solid format that the song will eventually follow (at least I think so). The first verse with Jeonghan and Woozi kind of has a “quirky” feel to it especially with the dramatic dark synths in the background. This part is pretty good until we get to the next part. The 2nd verse. The 2nd verse is unbearable in a bearable way. It’s so over the top and an instant turn off. If there was a sound for the stereotypical alpha male, Vernon’s “wooh wooh” part would be it. Everything in his part was fine up until that. I appreciate the enthusiasm he puts in his part but it just seems so obnoxious. I can’t help but laugh and cringe while listening to it. Wonwoo’s part afterwards is pretty okay and is a lot less obnoxious. Then we turn back to Vernon who’s rap starts up pretty good until you are hit with an unintelligible throat sound afterwards. I’m not saying that’s inherently bad but it just sticks out like a sore thumb personally so I slightly feel turned off again. After that, I felt like the “wow wow wow wow’s” after verses 1 and 2 add a really nice touch to those verses specifically. I couldn’t imagine another onomatopoeia to replace that like a bunch of “yeahs” or “na nas”.

Joshua sounds good in the Refrain but Mingyu and Hoshi’s parts kind of ruin it for me. I like their parts individually especially with Mingyu and Hoshi but it just doesn’t fit all that well with Joshua’s part which isn’t as active or aggressive. The pre-chorus is really fun and is definitely a great build-up for the chorus. I especially liked the “let me drop the eumak” part it’s really catchy and is one of the most memorable parts of the song. I don’t really like the chorus but I’ll admit the chorus is a lot better than the post-chorus. Once the post chorus hits I feel a bit of that obnoxiousness again. The high pitched “pew pew” synths don’t really help the post chorus at all and the “saa!” right after are sort of nice but the synths are so distracting I feel like it just comes and goes as a filler for it. Even though the post-chorus doesn’t do it for me, I really admire how you can feel the intensity and the energy from the members through the dance and performance.

Moving on, I really like Dino’s part in Verse 3 especially during the live stages. He goes through a human like jungle/forest and after every “Mmm” he ducks under their arms and frees himself from one of their grasps. I remember when I first saw that I was really impressed and it still stands as one of the coolest parts of choreography I’ve seen so far. Vernon’s part was okay and was a lot better than his part in Verse 1. On another note, the unintelligible shouts in the chorus do add a nice touch to the theme and energy of the song.

The bridge is a mixed bag. I don’t like the beginning of it because I felt like it did fit in but in the wrong ways. Does it sound cool? Yes. Does Vernon pull it off? Definitely. Does it fit with the song. Yes and no. However, I really love the group’s harmonization right afterward though. Personally, that’s the shining highlight of this song. I get a sense of unity and confidence from it and I like how they’re standing next to each other on individual and rectangular shaped pillars in the MV. This song gives off a very marching band/ hyped up/ ready for battle type of feeling so the harmonization with the instrumental in the background mix really well together.

The Lyrics + The Vibe

From reading the lyrics, it gives me the message of “leave your worries behind”, “the world is ours”, “go beyond your limits” and “let’s chase our dreams”. Types of songs with those messages have a confident fearless feel to them, and Hit pulls that off really well.

Nick from theBiasList put it best when he said “First, it maintains its energy all the way through, never dipping into some halftime trap breakdown. Second it goes big. The EDM drop chorus isn’t anything we haven’t heard before , but it’s stuffed to the brim with aggressive electronics that match the explosive energy SEVENTEEN has always displayed as performers.” I agree with this part of his review and the adjective “explosive” is the perfect way to explain this song in one word. I don’t 100% hate it, besides from the parts I dislike, this song is very attractive to me and when I’m in an energetic mood I’d put it on.

I’d rate it a….


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  1. Oh, hey there! Are you a new music critic? Welcome to the world of music criticism. Anyways, thanks for liking my CIX review.

    I hope you keep what you’re doing here. Because K-Pop needs more people like you. Music criticism is a very black hole in Asian music. We need you. So chin up and churn some more!

    You made a good review here! I’ll be watching.

    Liked by 1 person

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